Samstag, 30. August 2014

Traditional Southern German costume give-away!

It’s finally “Dirndl” time again!
The season for the most feminine of all clothes is in full swing right now – and if you have never worn a Dirndl before, you have to try it at least once:
Whether you are young or old, very slim or curvy – a Dirndl emphasizes what should be emphasized, magically creates perfect proportions, and quite simply is a feast for the eyes.
One of my readers wrote yesterday:
"Dirndl = the ultimate piece of clothing to stress femininity and beauty” and I couldn’t have said it more aptly.

Unfortunately there are but a few opportunities to wear such a dream of a traditional dress – which means a new acquisition is not really justified.

For those of you who would like to freshen up the look of their beloved Dirndl I am offering a great opportunity today:
Why not purchase a new apron or a beautiful blouse and update the Dirndl that way?
You can find these at Nanenda Trachtenmode: hand-sewn with a lot of attention to detail, far from mass produceed in a small Bavarian family-run business.

100% commitment is applied to every single piece – just look at the many colorful aprons made of taffeta and satin!
With these you will whip up a new look in no time: I simply combined a pink one with this Dirndl to create a cheekier and  livelier look.

So if you want to look stylish just in time before the annual fairs, you can order it online, stress-free and without having to look for a parking spot – I’m excited to present you Nanenda Trachtenmode today!
It’s so much fun to freshen up a Dirndl with a new blouse or re-style it with a colorful apron!
One of the Liebesbotschaft readers shall have the pleasure:
Together with Naneda Trachtenmode I am giving away a gift card of 100,-€ today!

That’s more than enough for a new blouse and two colorful aprons – mix & match at the Oktoberfest!

1. Tell me what you would use your Nanenda Trachtenmode gift card for.

2. If you share the link to the give-away on Facebook you have DOUBLE the chances of winning.
If you link the drawing on your blog, you have an EXTRA chance of winning!
Please feel free to take the last image with you for this. 
Please leave a note in your comment to let me know, too.

Everyone can participate – with or without blog.

Important: you have to be registered to be able to leave a comment – to avoid mistakes and multiple drawings.

You can do it quite quickly and simply: HERE.

Please NO mails, you will be considered ONLY by leaving a comment.

The competition is open to all readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (readers from Switzerland have to pay for high shipping fees themselves, depending on the sponsor).
Participation for minors only with consent of a parent or guardian.
Jurisdiction of a court is excluded, prizes cannot be paid out in cash.

Please note that I do not contact the winners in writing – I publish them on the blog at the bottom of this post.
If the winners of the draw do not get in touch within two weeks I will raffle off the prize again.

The competition starts now and ends on September 5, 2014.


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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