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How to always keep a clear (and beautiful) head.

Jil is our family expert when it comes to beauty – that’s why I’m really happy that she was willing to write a post about her hair care routine:
It seems to be a quite a science in itself ;).
Enjoy reading!


If you ask me, hair is an underestimated territory.
If you are happy with your hairdo, half of your look is already in place.
At the same time I consider it crucial to always always always pay attention to the care. Highlights and hair down to your butt are all very well: if it doesn't look groomed the hairstyle just doesn’t do you any favors.  

It is not about an amazing mane of hair, but to treat right what you’ve been given.

I threw my hair care routine out the window a couple of months ago and changed to a completely new line of products. Although I had been happy with Kérastase for many years, I wanted to test a line based on more natural ingredients.

As with my skin care I have noticed tremendous differences since and I honestly have the feeling that the structure of my hair has changed for the positive. 

Due to the change it has much more volume, has more grip and drape and its shine has increased about three-fold.
I actually have very sensitive hair and get split ends at a scarily fast rate, but that, too, has visibly improved.

All in all there are a few basic rules that will help you, if you are unhappy with your current hair care routine:

1. Save water

I wash my hair once a week on average.  Yes, that’s right, one single time.

Washing your hair too often just means one thing: your scalp produces grease more quickly and your ends will dry out.
Depending on your type and length of hair you’ll have to find a rhythm that uses as little water as possible.
It might sound crazy, but you can train your hair to stay beautiful for several days without the use of shampoo. 
I simply went cold turkey: didn’t wash my hair for a whole week just like that (maybe during your vacation).
At first it is uncomfortable, but once your hair had the chance to really get greasy, the first hair wash is like a revelation.  
And I noticed from the second week on already how much longer my hair stayed acceptable.
Ever since I’ve been washing my hair once or twice, depending what’s going on in my everyday life and just tie it up into a ponytail on the last two days.

2. Cut it

Important important important (!!!). 

Regular visits to the hair salon are the be all and end all, ESPECIALLY, if you want to have longer hair.
The ends will not be “regenerated”, “repaired” or “reconstituted” by any product. They are DEAD.  
Dead hair, split ends, no chance to be glued together again.
The only thing you can do with them is to cut them off.
Saying good-bye often will make you not only look groomed, but also give your hair the chance to grow back fast and more healthily.

3. Treat it

If you have implemented everything so far, we’ll start getting to the core of the matter. Now it’s going to get really exciting: the right kind of products.

If you are happy with yours – GREAT!

You don’t need to change anything, if you are happy.
But I personally have never been able to get anything our of drugstore hair products.  
My favorites are naturally expensive, but I allow myself this investment, all the while I use a lot less product anyway.
My new John Masters Organics shampoo has a different vantage point for a change: your scalp.  
If you want healthy hair, you have to start on the top.
Everything is lost further down anyway ;).

Due to styling products, slightly sloppy care, the wrong products (chock full of silicones etc.) our scalps are covered in all the residues of everyday life.
Green mint and meadowsweet as part of the shampoo liberate and stimulate the scalp to enable ideal growth. 
A bit like the refreshing feeling after using mouthwash, once and for all away with all the stuff down to the last corner.
I always pay attention to thoroughly wet my hair in the shower, then create a good foam with a little product and massage it into the scalp in circular movements.  
Use rather less shampoo, but wash twice – that’s what any good stylist does, too.
Your hair will feel funny at first after washing it with a natural product for the first time, not as soft as you’re used to.  
But just you wait until we’re done here!

My next step will scare some of you at first.

I stopped using things like masks, conditioners or other “extra care products” completely.
In my opinion this just weighs down your hair and is an unnecessary step which lets the companies cash in.
Maybe once a month an avocado mask or some other great natural treatment, but I haven’t done even this in the last months.
My solution is called: vinegar rinse. Oh yes. 

After having washed my hair the regular way, I jump  out of the shower, I gently squeeze the water out with a towel and rinse them with a vinegar solution.  
This means simply stirring 1-2 tablespoons of organic cider vinegar (depends on the length of your hair, you have to experiment a little) into a glass of drinking water.
I pour this over the length of my hair and dip the ends into it for a few seconds so they can soak it all right up. Let sit for 30 seconds, then rinse with ice cold (!) water.
I hang my head over the bathtub, you won’t feel the cold water, since you’ll only rinse the length of your hair.
The smell will vanish and your hair will shine in a way that will make you look twice.
Cider vinegar nourishes almost alarmingly well and closes the top scales of hair in an ideal way, which gives it a great shine and soft feel.
This small and truly inexpensive change was a milestone in my hair care!

Lastly I use a leave-in treatment, which supports your scalp ideally so that your hair will grow out beautifully and fast.

I spray the product onto the still wet scalp and give myself a good head massage.  
This will additionally stimulate hair growth and feels incredibly good.

Only when my hair is nearly dry I gently brush it.

Always start at the lengths and slowly work your way up.
Please instantly get rid of the old plastic hair brush and rather change to a big paddle brush.  
It gently gets rid of any knots without adding too much stress to the hair.

4. Style it

When it comes to styling I can only say: less is more.

Re-familiarize yourself with your natural hair structure, learn what you can do with it without too much effort.
Always use as little heat as possible, rather try braiding your hair overnight for a change (great waves the next day), and don’t necessarily smooth/curl each strand meticulously to achieve a natural, gentle look.
For this I like using the Sea Salt Spray, it adds structure when added to damp or dry hair without weighing it down or developing a ton of residue.
The Hair Texturizer works astonishingly well for a little stronger hold.  
Just rub a little between your hands and smooth over hair, knead it in, depending on the desired result.

In the end there is no cookie cutter solution for every woman on this planet, but a new approach here and there to build your own.

Sources of supply:
John Masters Sea Salt Spray: HERE
John Masters Shampoo: HERE
John Masters Volumizer for fine hair: HERE
John Masters Styling Creme: HERE
Intelligent Nutrients hairbrush (the prettiest!): HERE
Blax hair bands (invisible hair bands that don’t pull hair): HERE

Everything via GreenGlam

Do you have a natural product, a trick or a home-made treatment that you swear by?


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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