Samstag, 2. August 2014

Maxi love + limeade.

Saturday is farmers’ market day – I love going shopping there!

Uncomplicated, thrown on in a jiffy, and very summery:
This maxi dress made of pure silk has taken my heart by storm.
The fabric caresses your skin super softly and moves beautifully with every breeze.

I don’t need to accessorize it with anything but the bracelets with rose-gold details.
I only look so empty-handed on the way to the market – on the way back I carry what feels like 243 bags filled with tons of fruit and vegetables, and every time I am convinced I will:
a) never make it back to the car, because everything is so unbelievably heavy, and
b) not go food shopping for a few days, because it will surely last for the whole week.

(The whole week translates to: until Monday.)

If you don’t want to just dump your fruit into the kitchen, but place it decoratively on the table, the white dish with its irregular rim is a truly beautiful option!

On hot and humid summer days like today I buy, among other things, a lot of organic limes and use them to make a quick limeade – perfectly refreshing and only a little bit sweet!
I prepare a syrup and water it down a lot, adding slices of fresh lime to enhance the aroma.
Poured into a simple white ceramic water jug the limeade looks great on the table.

If we don’t use it as a drink container, I simply convert it:
It looks perfect with even just one small flower or some blades of grass picked at the wayside!

5 minute limeade

6 organic limes
a generous cup of cane sugar
Juice the limes and bring it to a quick  boil together with the sugar – just until the sugar has dissolved completely.
Add mineral water to taste, serve over ice and with slices of lime.

Sources of supply:
Maxi dress: HERE
Bracelets: HERE and HERE
Ceramic jug, fruit bowl: HERE
everything by Villa Smilla

In case you still need a maxi dress for your vacations:

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Mason Jars:



p.s. Noelle asks around lunch time:

"Moooom, when are you going to prepare lunch?”
Me: "I’m working, can you please go and ask Dad.”
Noelle: "Daaaaad, when are you going to go and get lunch?”

Now you know.

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