Freitag, 15. August 2014

Lazy summer days.

The frequency of my posts has diminished slightly over the past few days – however, not because I wasn’t in the mood or didn’t have any ideas, but because I enjoy the vacation time so much.

While I was still very disciplined in organizing my day during the first days of the summer holidays (something I truly enjoy), The “teenage mode” has by now rubbed off on me: starting with getting up late, including an elaborate big brunch/breakfast for everyone, bbq-ing in the afternoon, and staying up until late into the night.

Somehow it feels as if we cooked and ate all the time and then everything is already gone again and I go and buy even more, so that we can cook and eat again.

Every now and again friends of my kids drop in and end up staying the night, sometimes we go eat out in town, but often we don’t even do anything spectacular.

Reading this may sound very boring, but it certainly isn’t so – the entire time the mood is so…dense with pleasure and love, it feels exactly like the vacation of your dreams.

If I was in the most beautiful place on earth, I couldn’t be happier.

Jil is visiting with us for a few days, which means that we stay up even longer to talk and laugh. I can say with the deepest conviction that I barely know anyone who combines that much maturity and depth with infinite lightness and humor in their personality than Jil – and all that simultaneously!

(Even, if Noelle might remark that I lack objectivity – “you have to say this, because you are her mom!”. But in reality it has nothing to do with being related ;)).

Lastly a music recommendation:
Harris Cole’s album "the High Tape" is perfect for a relaxed summer’s day to “simply float” and enjoy.
Or to be busy and enjoy – whatever you prefer ;).



Noelle: "Are you going out today?"
Me: "No, I’m just off to the grocery store."
Noelle: "Why are you putting on make-up?"
Me: "The rule is: if you leave the house without your make-up on, you will meet: a) your ex-boyfriend or b) one of your blog readers or c) someone who doesn’t like you and then will say: ”Oh, you don’t look well at all – is everything OK?”. However, if you are all made up, you will definitely meet NOBODY.”

#for life.

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