Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Spring cleaning

Yesterday Jil and I replaced the winter jackets and shoes by their summer versions and then we even used the momentum we gained from that action to clear out the washing room.

The whole thing was quite entertaining:
As soon as I held out a piece and started to think out loud “maybe I could still use it for something ... I mean it is good enough for …” – Jil raised an eyebrow and announced that she would call RTL2 (think of a very trashy German TV channel!) as they would sure be happy to film this eligible candidate for a top-notch messy-house-show.

If I hesitated for a moment, mumbling “this does not fit me anymore but I could have it changed and then…”, it made Jil say things like “Yes Mom, get it changed. And then late at night you will take everything else from the old-clothes bag out again. Just like the horribly messy people.” 

I have never parted from things this quickly!
It is so good to have someone by your side who is at a certain distance emotionally and who can tell you honestly what to think about this crap you have already kept for much too long! 
Things of which you know that they are of no use at all but a mere burden to you.
Someone who has a clear view on things and says: “This does not fit any longer!”

See, and it is exactly THE SAME with the things in your head and your heart!

Let me tell you something:
It is absolutely necessary to clean out some things! 

Things that you have kept for years but do not help a bit. 
You, however, have got used to them so you do not notice them anymore. 

I am talking about thoughts and energies!
It may be that in earlier times – i.e. BEFORE we met and loved each other – you accepted those thoughts and believed they would be normal. 

But as a messenger of love you have a new life, A VERY DIFFERENT LIFE.
You have different priorities, you can no longer look at yourself as the person you used to be.
And all that is left over DOES NOT FIT YOU ANY LONGER!
So you can happily throw it away because you won’t miss all this rubbish!

I promise you something:
When you put all that rubbish in the old-cloth bag, you will have so much more space.
Space for YOU!
For your personality, for creative solutions and wonderful ideas, you will be bursting with energy and love for life – always :-).
In the morning you will jump out of bed and you will stay relaxed when it comes to challenges. 
What others will consider as big problems will be nothing for you – just as it is for me :-).
You will always make the right decisions, regardless of any things that happened to you or experiences you made earlier in your life.
You will be highly efficient and successful in everything you do. 

So, how about some spring cleaning for your head?
Let’s get started! 

I will be your guide you and tell you what you may sort out immediately (no need to feel ashamed for your crap, you know I do love you).


1. Worries/Ponderings

Most people have worries, and in some way it is ‘understandable’.
When there are problems and challenges or nasty situations, the little wheel in your head starts spinning - and never lets you rest again.

Worrying about things is a real nuisance!
It does not help you AT ALL.
(Listen carefully, you better throw this rubbish out right away, no matter how comprehensible this is for you in your situation.)

Worries will take away your energy, they will lay down on you like a burden, and they will make you feel heavy and depressed.
Worries will never help you find the solution to your problems.
Spending hours on end worrying will only make you get stuck – it won’t take you anywhere.

You can read in the bible “do not worry about anything”, right?
See … so it is possible to live exactly this way.
Strictly speaking: it is the only option you have!

Worries are an outside energy coming from below that just does not fit you any longer! And therefore you can decide NOW:
Throw it away!

But how DO I solve my problems…?”
You will see: if you stop worrying, 99% of all the things will disappear on their own (this is true - no kidding!) – and you will have a terrific idea for this last 1 percent!
This is especially true for people who have to deal with a lot of challenges in their jobs and who bear great responsibilities.
And of course it is true for parents with “problem children”.
Another thing that you can part from is…

2. Anxiety about the future

Having a look at your situation at the moment plus allowing these dark predictions to be in your head – you could be frightened like hell about your future, right?
What would happen if you are unemployed?
Or you husband?
If one of your children gets ill, if you cannot make it, if an accident happens, if if if…

You are a creature made by love, a love rocket, a messenger of love – it is different with you! 
Your case is different!
Your heavenly father himself cares about you, he prepared everything perfectly (better than you can ever dream of!), everything is ready for you, your way is paved for you, everything wonderful will just come up to you!
You and your family are safe, you will never suffer, and you will always be able to support others.
You are a master example of love, love makes you great and gives you the place you belong to – your future is safe!

But Joanna, if you knew…”
Do not come up with these arguments, otherwise I will call RTL2 (remember: the trashy TV channel… ;-))
Do you want to part with these disgusting energies: yes or no?
Do not look for excuses, why in your case there is something…
I wish you could part with all this: it actually does not fit you any longer!

3. Envy/Jealousy

Every time there are feelings of envy or jealousy you are in an area of shortage.
You basically think: "She has so much and I have so little – but I wish I had it as well!” – and you feel bad.

That is only because you think there is one cake. 
And if someone gets a bigger piece there is less left for you!

Your father has endless possibilities for you.
You do not live in shortage – you were born again in plenty and wealth and endlessness!
Maybe you just never experienced it – it does not matter!
Do no longer look at your circumstances – look at me and believe me finally.

I tell you:
There will ALWAYS be more than enough for you.
You will NEVER have to compare to someone else.
NOBODY is able to take something away from you, to challenge your position, to reduce your success, to limit your resources.

As a creature made of love you are UNRIVALLED.
There has never been something like you!
You never, never, never ever have to be envious of someone else!

This is the lowest level, this is poor and small-minded, this is simply CRAP.
You compare to no one and you are never afraid that there could be someone snapping something away from you.
Pffffft… then God creates a new job, building site, holdings of gold, “whateveryouneed” for you.

Some are not jealous for material things but more because of the person itself, her/his luck, attitude towards life, beauty etc.
When ever there is something like that bothering you, I can give you an advice:
Start praising this person and be CONSCIOUSLY happy for her/him (you actually can do this. You can actually decide for it and your feelings will be following sooner or later)
Wish the person even MORE luck, even MORE success, even MORE joie de vivre as the French call it.
Look at the person as an inspiration and role model (if he/she can do it, I can do it as well!) – and be thankful your paths are crossing!

And we throw away the Compare-and-performing-worse-and-feeling-bad-because-of-it-energy together, alright?

Important hints:

1. Throwing away is a matter of seconds: Zap.

But afterwards it is important that you do not take the stuff back.
No matter how lovely it tries to present itself.
And it WILL present itself, very convincing at the beginning.
Stay strong.
Do not feel bad if worries/envies/anxieties about the future show up shortly – mostly they are not yours but those of other people around you.
So do not pick it up again and think: “Look: it is still here!”
No, you have thrown it away!

You do not pick it up from the old-cloth bag because the situation has changed.
Only because you can feel it, it does not mean it is true!
Do not believe your feelings or thoughts, you cannot trust them.
Be disgusted if these things dare to come near you!
You can surely be a bit ruthless and decide to never again accept this crap again in your head!
Believe in love and go on untouched.
If the negative committee knocks at your door then go and read my words again and again (I would do it in your place!)

2. It is a process.
It will take some time until you cannot do it anymore.
But it will neither take decades nor years!
This is no physiological approach!
I cannot say anything against psychologists or pastors, it is great we have them.
Here is another department. 

We do not focus on your problems, your past or your shortage – we focus on love, on abundance and strength. You do have such a drive that takes your right out of the shit – in a breath.
I do not want to teach you on how to deal with your problems – I show you how to stand above things.

3. What do you do with all the new room in your brain?
Do not get any rubbish again!
Stay in the love, stay relaxed, stay happy – this is your home!
This is your life, this is your being, this is what suits you!

Consciously fill yourself with good things – keep directing your inner focus on them – make yourself aware of it until you cannot think of anything else.

Do you know what I do the moment I wake up?
I open my eyes and before there is any other thought I consciously enjoy the love (even though my body is tired) – I could be on cloud nine, I am bursting of happiness!
There is no real reason for it – it is simply standard!
I am full of love, full of good, full of God – when I finally get out of bed the whole atmosphere at home is charged with this energy, you can almost grab it with your hands :-).

4. What is always important:
stay relaxed.
Do not pressure yourself, do not be disappointed of you (“I could be a lot further”, “I actually wanted…”), do not burden yourself even more (“I do have to change”).

You are:
focused and relaxed.
bright, and always with a song on your lips… lalala …

You know:
I love you and I believe in you!
You go further every day, step by step, and you only look on the good things!
If there are not enough good things in your life at the moment – then have a look at me :-).

You will see how beautiful your everday life will be/is without worries and anxieties and envy and jealousy!
So cheerful and casual, so real and free, so… YOU!
I cannot wait for you to come out of this stuff and start your life!
You will discover the greatest adventures, unexpected resources and endless possibilities: IN YOU!

love greetings

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

The new center

Thanks to my lousy organisation of housekeeping (“organisation of housekeeping“? I don't even HAVE that.), often times so much ironing piles up that the wardrobes of all family members show little to no content.

As the alternative of “going shopping“ would, in the long run, be at least as time consuming, I have no option but to meet the challenge and spend a few hours at the ironing board, next to socks-sorting children.

Parallelly, we are fond of watching a few historical film documentations about the life of the west caucasian ibex on Arte (Arte is a German tv channel). 
That educates and uncloses completely new horizons – perfect for the childrens' development.

Noooo, of course that was a lie: 
we watch trash tv!

This time, zapping, we got caught by a young woman trying on a wedding dress.
The girl, facing her upcoming wedding:
“I hate to take center.
When people look at you they only see the flaws.“

When I heard that, I just wanted to crawl into the television and grab her!
So I could only make the appalled exclamation:
“Noelle, that is really the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of how we live!“

(whereupon Noelle, intensely nodding, folded another two pairs of socks ;-)).

I cannot be sure without fail that the bride-to-be is reading my blog ;-) - but in case you yourself have ever had that thought, then I have to write this down for you today, my children are obviously already in the know.

So... ready?

As a love messenger, to you the COMPLETE OPPOSITE applies.

Listen up:
You are the absolute overkill.

You are the highest pleasure and the most beautiful highlight existing in this world.

People delight in flowers, in sunshine, in empty dream beaches – some enjoy new clothes or a good book, tasty food or a snowy mountain scenery.
And all of that is actually very nice  - but NOTHING compares to YOU!

You are the highlight of it all, you are the summit of creation, you are the top of beauty and thrill your heavenly Father had to offer!

He created you for topping everything you see here by faaaar.
He effectively saved the best until last – from a strategic point of view, this is absolutely comprehensible, right? 

And the best He got is: YOU.

Okay, then there was the Fall issue and so on... and then the story went quite well off course.
But because He loved you so limitlessly, he handled that for you, too: he sent his Son who quasi drove it home for you again, and now you can have a new life, by having HIMSELF living in you! 

And if God himself lives in you – then you are the walking bliss on two feet!
Then you are “love made visible“, then you are what is most attractive and beautiful and drawing ever!

Some artists get themselves muses who inspire them... if they just saw YOU!
They would freak out because everything about you is so inspiring and wonderfully beautiful that everything bursts.
Everything about you is perfect harmony, everything conjoins like a perfect musical work composed by the master.
You are so mind blowing that one can only marvel, slack-jawed... WOW.

Inside as well as outwardly, you are a firework of bliss and felicity – God doesn't do things by halves, trust me!

“but with me it is not like that...when I look at me...“

Hello, whom are you trusting?!
Who is allowed to tell what it's like with you and what it's not?

Your past, other people, your (bad) experiences, your unpleasant feelings or thoughts?
All of that really has nothing to do with you!
He released you from all of that, otherwise the God matter would be pointless.

Redeemed means redeemed – you are new, you are like Him, there is NOTHING bad about God.

So don't look at what is (still) not in order and does not work, and your aunt Irmgard recently said... and your ex once did... whatever, stuff it!
There is NOTHING to find for you in all that – so don't you dig in the mudd and play with inferiority!

Rather concentrate on what is substantial: on who you are NOW and WHAT you are LIKE!

Everything else is just not true, no matter how persuasive it might act and how realistic it might seem.
(and I KNOW how convincing it can be, okay?)

What is true is:
You are absolutely awesome.
Everyone who is around you can consider himself lucky.
Everyone who meets you gets endowed, encouraged, satisfied, inspired, refreshed, re-vived, motivated – simply because YOU are there.
You are the biggest present for this mankind, everything here revolves around you!

You are the apple of His eye, as for YOU He created everything here, for you prepared everything, for you made up the perfect plan, for you for you for you!

And now he lives in you: pure love and joy – independent from your circumstances or experiences.
Well, if this is not a good message, then I don't know neither!

All of this has nothing to do with exaggerated arrogance: 
It is simply healthy self-esteem.

“but it is hard for me to see me that way...“
Yes, I understand that.
In many cases one has heard the opposite too often/experienced it too long.
And such a filth can be astonishingly persistantly deep-seated.

What therefore you need is...
1. a stronger energy which vaults you out of that: KAAAAAWOOOOOM!
For that you have coincidentally come exactly to the right place :-).
Deeeeply soak up my words, they are loaded with the strongest power.

2. a constant filling with truth.
Also for this you are completely right here :-).
I'll tell you the truth over and over again, until you CAN and WANT think nothing but the good about you!

And that is why you can firmly claim:
When people look at me they only see the highest beauty in me“!

Alright, and now you walk out there and beam at them all with your smile, your energy and your joy of living!
My focus, my pride and joy, my precious darling, you!

The whole world has been waiting for YOU!

With love,

p.s. and for all of that you didn't even have to do the ironig, eh...

Freitag, 15. März 2013

Masking tape - storage - DIY

Spring on the desk within one hour?
Want this as well?

Then follow me discreetly…

Step 1: 
We retrieve an old display case or the Advent calendar (HERE) from the attic or the basement.
If it takes you one hour to find it, you’re already behind schedule.
Take comfort in having found it at all, finally. 

Step 2:
We search for the paint that we bought in the handcraft shop two weeks ago. 
Must be somewhere… haven’t you recently seen it… sure it is… or… somewhere… dingus…
Memo: Re-schedule, another hour.

Step 3:
On cloud nine for having found a ready for action brush – it could have turned out to quite the opposite, we remember! – we start painting. 
(Priming is for wimps.)

Step 4:
Let it dry.
Let it dry.
Prevent the child from walking just where we are painting.
Let it dry.

Touch it impatiently to detect that it is not yet dry – and to leave a blemish.
Just because of you we have to paint it again!

Step 5:
Now we put the masking tapes in and are happy about the 3 hours incredibly quick DIY project!

Little tip: Hung up it looks even better!
But then you have to extend the schedule by another hour. For searching for nails.

Masking tape: from HERE and HERE
Bookends (can be customized): HERE
Black pencils: 
Wooden LOVE-plaque: HERE (search for "Postkarte")

With love,

I would really love to tidy up my basement, instead I must append the recipe for thisstew, so sorry. 

But I would have done it!

P.S.: Who wants to save 1 hour can order the display case HERE. But they are also often sold at flea markets.