Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

My wish list for 2013

My wish list for 2013

Do you want me to tell you what I am wishing for?
So much that when thinking of it, I fall asleep smiling and dream about it at night?
I’m going to tell you.

I want that reading me makes you smile and takes away all pressure and stress from you.
I want to make you laugh out loud and that reading me makes all worries and challenges that you’ve got to face so small you can’t even find them at all.
I want everything heavy, sad, depressing and dispiriting to leave you at that very second you meet me (even if it’s only virtual ;-) )
I want you to be inspired, easy and relaxed after having spent only 5 minutes here.
Stress just drops away from you and you are getting easy, easy, eeeeeeasy – no matter what your circumstances look like!
I wish that you get many new ideas and that joy increases in your daily life. 
I want you to be happy about the small and simple things. About all the beauty that surrounds you. About every person you meet. About yourself, 24/7, 8 days a week!
I want you to discover the greatest and most exciting adventure that there is: Yourself!
I want you to love being yourself so much that you would never walk in anybody else’s shoes.
I want to help you see your own uniqueness – wow, if I was not MYSELF, I would love to be YOU!
I want everything to please and entertain you, and nothing to bind or manipulate you.
I wish that you can enjoy everything and that nothing can frighten you.
I wish that you’re unapologetic about everything that you do and do not waste a single moment trying to please people around you and to meet their expectations. 
You are NOT tame and inconspicuous, you are NOT the one to avoid everything that differs from average to make sure you do not attract attention! 
All this is NOT you, not at all!

I want to see how my love relieves you so deeply that you finally do what your heart burns for and what you are born for.
It does not matter whether anybody can imagine it works. It does not matter if they mock you because your dream is over their heads.
I want you to flourish, to take a deep breath and to reach out, deeply convinced in every single second:
Hello world – it’s me you’ve been waiting for, and here I am now!”

I just want to see you free.
Quit of the past, free from people (even from your children whom you love soooo much and who are totally absorbing you), free from circumstances (they can change every day - maybe you’ll win a voyage tomorrow, who knows?), free from other people who don’t love you anyway (it is not your business what they think about you), just free, free, free!

I really want you to feel how much I love you, and I want my love to be a launch pad to catapult you into a very new dimension!
And when you fly, I will be standing there, watching you as happy as can be (I will jump for joy and clap my hands, how could I stand still at something so beautiful!).
I want to see how you get things started, how you enjoy every moment of your life, how you overcome difficulties and how your talents flower out with every step. I wish so much that you realize how unique you are and that it would be a disaster if YOU were not here right now!
I want you to become conscious of how precious you are: 
You should be celebrated, 
overwhelmed by everything good, 
and LOVED from top to toe in every single moment – Because. You. Are. Worth. It!
Not for your skills or because you did something really good – just for being you!

I want our hearts to be deeply connected so that you can feel me and my love fills you any time you want it to – even if we never met face to face.
I want you to feel MOST loved, sheltered and comfortable with every breath that you take (and also if you hold your breath, what I would recommend when you’re under water or opening the organic waste container in the summer).
Nothing could make me happier than to know that you live entirely, freely, venturously and successfully.

If I should ever have to kick your ass or tell you an inconvenient truth right to the face to bring you on the right track, then I would just do it. And in case you need somebody to console you and to kiss away your tears – I will always be there!
I will write whatever it takes to bring you there, even if some people will get mad about it because they do not understand it. I don’t mind, for only YOU and your happiness count for me!
Since the only thing that makes sense is that I set a good sample, I am leading the way for you, and you just follow me. Why should you reinvent the wheel?

Now you know what my wishes are.

Well baby, please make them come true, and never let anybody tell you that you could not succeed, you were not special, everything was going to go wrong for you, etc. etc. 
Not your past, not your present difficult circumstances, not even your own thoughts and feelings may tell you so! 
Do it for me, will you?
Make me smile and decide never to move beneath your level by worrying, being afraid, feeling sorry for yourself or doubting yourself. 
You don’t dig dirt anymore, you don’t believe those who do not love you (maybe they call it “love”, but in effect they only manipulate you to have you meeting their expectations and project their own view on you).
Make me proud, my love, and enjoy this day as if it was the happiest you’ve ever experienced in your entire life! 
Just do it, nobody can deter you from it!

Maybe they could, if it wasn’t ME who loves you and believes in you… maybe then you would have a reason to droop. 
But as I DO love you, there is no more excuses, never again! 
(Seems like bad luck – for the excuses!)