Montag, 1. September 2014

Hello September!

Oh, how lovely the month of August was!

Partly warm and sunny, sometimes grey and rainy, delicious and so very full of joy and pleasure – and I shared a lot of it with you, such as….

- a night time picnic (not to confuse with a naked time picnic – although this would break all the records in terms of numbers of clicks.) above Stuttgart, including delicious, easy to prepare recipes to-go.

- there was summer fashion for warm days and cooler days: a
 maxi dress, an athletic sweatshirt, and a classic outfit in grey/dark blue with some added berry hues,

- apart from the picnic ideas there were recipes for a quick limeade and home-made melon- and chocolate ice-cream

- Jil came to visit us in Stuttgart for a few days and wrote no less than 2 posts: one about her
 favorite lunchbox salads, and one about her hair care routine,

- when the weather got a little cooler we snuggled up at home with our
 favorite blankets and made tea in our cast-iron teapot,

- I went on a spontaneous road trip
 with a carload of children: we stayed in Berlin for a few days and enjoyed the last of the warm days in our summer house on the Baltic sea,

- I let you in on 5 reasons for a visit to the Baltic coast in Poland, and the dangers of buying tomatoes,

- and I wrote a post for (also future) moms offering advice on how to raise toddlers, and the second part of the inspirational “Shopping Queen” series.

I am pretty sure I say this every year:
I love fall with all my heart and September is its loveliest kick-off!

Together we will make use of the busy energy of all those returning from vacations, we will look at the new fall fashion, buy school stuff, taste Indian summer’s sweetness on our plates, and above all:

we will enjoy every second to its max, independent of exterior circumstances – and I will help you achieve this with very hands-on advice.

There is nothing that love couldn’t solve – nothing that could withstand it in the long run.
That’s why you as a love messenger are sought-after and precious – the most precious and most beautiful on this planet.

I am looking forward to September!

And to spending it with you!



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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