Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Sporty Mum.

After the kids celebrated the last day of school, I took them into town to have lunch and afterwards to a bookstore to provide them with new reading material for the vacations.

While doing so I noticed that this has become somewhat of a tradition in our family:
as soon as the summer vacations begin everyone may pick out a book.

During the car ride there was talk about other “school is out” rituals on the radio – some families go out to have breakfast together on the first day of summer, others hit the drug store (!) right after report cards have been handed out to take selfies with all the sunglasses.

Do you also have a special ritual to celebrate this day?

I would have loved to prepare a big ice cream buffet
 just like last year – but it rained so hard that it wouldn’t really have been appropriate.

My favorite combination on slightly cooler, overcast summer’s days:
a long-sleeved top and shorts!
It still looks summery and casual, and I am not at all cold J wearing it. This time it was sporty/casual: the sweatshirt’s eye-catcher is the big number, and the tote made of buttery soft suede leather also features sequin embellishments.
It is perfect for everyday: it holds lots of books, water bottles and the collapsible rubber dinghy (that one always drags along, heavy as purses always are…). 
The tote is inspired by Vanessa Bruno, by the way, but a good bit cheaper.

There are cute bracelets and long chains in many colors matching tote and sweatshirt.

The biggest challenge is: which color combination will you decide to wear?

Black, grey and brown are very nice, the way I am wearing it today.

But pink and brown are also a summery and light combination.

Another vacation time tradition in our house:
- sleepovers with friends (meaning: go to bed at 3 am – leave all lights on all night, of course! – get up slowly at 12:30 pm and ask what’s for breakfast.)

- No rhythm or structure in the routine of the day whatsoever (some would call it chaos, but nooooo, it is of course spontaneity!)

- BBQ every day: be it veggies, sausages, fish or plums wrapped in bacon: everything tastes incomparably better straight off the grill!
I don’t think I can ever it anything from the frying pan anymore.

- distribute on the floors of the whole house, spaced evenly: 
Disney comics. Clean clothes. Dirty clothes. Lego pieces. Shoes (mine, too, unfortunately, here I can’t complain). Swim stuff. Wet towels. Popsicle sticks (after popsicles are eaten). Books. Pillows. Blankets.
(the observant reader might ask herself: ”Huh? And how exactly is this any different than at other times?” The difference is that this state of things lasts the entire day instead of only in the afternoons, like normally.).

Did you notice something?
Did you?
Almost no toys lying around!
Note to all parents of toddlers who see this as a constant source of bother:
It will get better!
There will be a time when only the above is scattered around!
Only the lego pieces still hurt when you step on them – the rest is actually OK!

tote bag: HERE
jewelry: HERE
everything by BamundBini
sneakers (world’s most comfortable ones): Isabel Marant via MyTheresa
shorts: flea market



p.s. And what are your traditions during the summer vacations?

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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