Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

September mornings + 5 Berlin tips.

I have arrived back in the South after some wonderful days in Berlin that I spent entirely without children (or rather almost without, as Jil likes hanging out with me, if she has time to do so – but I don’t actually see her as my “child” anymore ;)).

Noelle and Ben are still at the Atlantic coast surfing and I had time to cozy up our bedroom.

I put new linen cases on the pillows – snow white bed linens made of high-quality material are a real luxury for me!
I make my bed in the nicest fashion possible the minute I get up in the morning, do not allow the children to play wildly in it or lie down on it (except, when they are sick ;)), and enjoy the pleasure of sinking into the soft pillows in the evening. I placed fresh flowers in an earthen receptacle from the flea market, added gently scented candles and a lovely hand cream in a dispenser – it doesn’t just come in very handy, it also looks very decorative, which is why it may permanently remain on the nightstand.
The hand cream as well as the candle by Compagnie de Provence are produced with exclusively natural ingredients and are particularly gentle on the skin.  

When you can eat some yogurt with fresh fruit in bed early in the morning, followed by leafing through a pile of the latest magazines and books, dressed in a cozy cardigan – who would even miss the summer?! 

There’s nothing more practical for September days:
the long oversized cardigan is a pretty and cozy basic item for every day, it drapes casually and perfectly matches a T-shirt and ripped jeans or looks stylish with a silk blouse, once it gets a bit cooler.
A very easy-care quality and very comfortable to wear.  

And here is another piece of advice for you:
Do you know bee pollen as a supplement?
I discovered it today at the Stuttgart farmers’ market – it supports the immune system, is chockfull of protein, vitamins and minerals and contains a particularly high concentration of natural antibiotics and antioxidants.
I couldn’t find out on the spot whether it will help you develop super powers, but I definitely assume so!

You can sprinkle it onto your granola or salad – it’s those little yellow pellets in the picture, tasting rather neutral and a little crunchy ;).

I naturally brought back some Berlin tips for you – this time without pictures:

1. You have a great view from the tower suite of the Ellington Hotel, and with a bit of luck with regard to the weather you can enjoy a breathtaking  sunset above the city .
I also very much like the hotel’s interior design.
Not so nice is the fact that you have to pay 3,-€ for Wifi access.
Per hour! 
In Berlin!

2. In Zoo Palast you will be waited on hand and foot and will feel taken back to the time of the Grand Cinema: best to order anything available in terms of food and drink, sink into the red plush seats and enjoy the elegant atmosphere with all your senses.
A little fly in the ointment: they don’t have popcorn.
Not a problem for me, but Jil LOVES popcorn.

3. A paradise for fashionistas who love to hunt down a bargain:
there is a huge sales floor on the 3rd floor of the Galerie LaFayette.
At the moment all designer outfits are reduced by 80% (!) – ending up costing no more than what you pay at Zara etc.
You can browse for hours and get advice from the truly lovely sales assistants.
Jil got a sequinned blouson and I a Patricia Pepe cashmere coat.
I would have taken TONS of other things, but wet blanket/party pooper/voice of reason Jil kept saying things like “but you have the same thing already…” – when in reality she doesn’t know anything, of course, because I don’t have it EXACTLY LIKE THAT yet at all!
Apart from that she cannot even know, because she doesn’t live here anymore!
My advice: 
If you lost your heart to a piece, but it does not fit perfectly, have the in-house seamstress fit you right there.
It does not cost an arm and a leg and you will end up with a made-to-measure dream garment.
My coat is getting shortened and will arrive here next week – I’m so excited about it!

Once you are exhausted from all the shopping, make sure to take along some little tartlets from the patisserie in the basement to pick you up – they are simply divine.

4. Perfect for night-time and lovers of Asian cuisine:
District Mot offers Saigon street food of the highest quality with the matching backdrop: make sure to try the DIY barbecue at the table! 
Word must have spread, as according to Jil the restaurant is full to the rafters during Fashion Week and you have to squeeze in like sardines ;).
All cocktails and house-made drinks are incredibly tasty – I am undecided whether I think the ambience is fantastic or really tacky.

5. Nothing spectacular, but a favorite spot:
the small, yet elegant Kusmi Tea department upstairs in the KaDeWe department store.
I sat there with Jil for a long time, pouring the worlds’ best black tea, able to go shopping straight afterwards and I am instantly addicted.
My husband calls this the “once you buy high quality effect”.

Sources of supply:

linen pillow cases in over 20 colors:
scented candle: HERE
hand cream: HERE
everything via Inside Living

(soon to be online)

bee pollen: e.g. via Amazon



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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