Montag, 8. September 2014

Love is sweet: plum butter + compliments for your best friend.

Today I’ll introduce you to two lovely ideas that will be a treat for somebody and make her smile.

The first one is my mother’s time-tested (for decades), blindingly easy and incredibly delicious recipe for plum butter – completely without jam sugar!

All you need are ripe, sweet plums and a bit of regular sugar – the amount of which you can decide upon yourself, in case you prefer the plum butter to be less sweet.
After a while your whole house will be filled with this irresistibly delicious fragrance that you will hardly be able to wait for the plum butter to have cooled off – seriously!

So you better reserve a few jars for the family and fill the rest into small, engraved glass jars – whether you take them to your neighbor’s, offer them to your guests as a sweet hostess gift, or use them straight up for a wedding: you can hardly package (plum) love in a more beautiful way!

By the way, this is my first home-made plum butter and it is absolutely foolproof:
You really cannot mess up this recipe.

Grandma’s Plum Butter without Jam Sugar  

you need:

7 pounds plums
approx. 1 pound 5 oz. sugar (this is the amount for a more tart kind of plum – feel free to use less, if the plums are rather sweet)

Wash and halve plums, remove pits.
Place into a casserole, add approx. 5-6 Tbsp. water and sugar and bring to a boil over low heat.
Simmer in the uncovered casserole until plums disintegrate, stir every now and again – this process can take approx. 1-3 hours. Purée and perform a “handle test”:  
dribble a little bit of the jam onto a plate and separate it with the handle of a wooden spoon: if the “path” closes up again behind the handle the liquid is not yet firm enough and needs to simmer some more.
If not, you can pour the jam into jars that have been rinsed with boiling water, tighten the screw-on lids and let it rest upside down for about 5 minutes.

The second idea:

When was the last time you told your girlfriend what’s so beautiful about her?

You can do so right now with the help of a video message by Coke Light’s campaign:
A lovely compliment delivered to a good friend to tell her what you love about her and why she – just by being herself – is really sexy.
The special thing about it:
The message will be delivered by James Franco himself – his deep voice is guaranteed to make the addressee smile!

Composing the message barely takes 3 minutes and this is how you do it:

- enter your friend’s name on the Coke Light website,
- choose a category of compliments,
- send the video!

My message today goes to Olivia:
I don’t know any other woman who is as intelligent and at the same time so full of joie de vivre and lightness.
She is like the summer rain!

Thank you for allowing me to know and love you!
This video is for you, Olivia!

Sources of supply:
Small engraved jam jars: AvieArt
Mason jars: Blueboxtree

Do you already have an idea who you could surprise with a video full of compliments ;)?



Thank you, Eva from Ginnell Studio, for translating this post!

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