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My personal wish list for fall + 3 ways to wear a Jackie.

You will have to do without my original pictures, since I am out of town – there will, however, be plenty of fashion inspiration.
I like to keep a rough draft in my head – it saves you from mispurchases and purchases out of frustration and you can look out for particular things.

I prefer to combine designer pieces with flea market finds, I don’t mind thrift stores and I am not afraid of investing a bigger sum of money into a favorite piece every now and again (cost per wear, remember ;)).

So I keep my eyes peeled and am delighted when certain clothing items cross my path – and should I find them, I guarantee I will share them with you!

This coming fall I want to wear the following things:

1. Huge scarves.
I stocked up on huge, cuddly oversize scarves in August already – Noelle and I often practice “closet-sharing” (this actually only happens in a very one-sided way, when I come to think of it – as she doesn’t share anything…), so I always have a good excuse for a larger selection ;).
There is ALWAYS room for another scarf.

2. Cape.
Capes add movement and pizazz to an outfit – they drape casually, are comfortable, cuddly and, since Burberry showed wonderfully beautiful ones in its collection (like 
this one, looking kind of like so when worn), they are absolutely up to date.
Besides, capes are a great change from the classic coat/jacket/parka monotony!

3. Fur vest.
I love them colorful and nice and plush. 

4. Leather pants in cognac.
It was love at first sight with these pants (all the way on the left in this picture) and the entire look was just pure inspiration. A color like liquid caramel – wonderful options to combine it with dark pink, olive green or bordeaux.

5. Fall scent (year-round favorite scent, respectively)

I have been looking for a new scent for such a long time – it is sometimes a little frustrating, as in the whole huge selection of pretty flasks and advertising promises there is nothing in my opinion (or in my wee nose’s opinion) that smells like the following:
fresh laundry.
Not flowery, no musk, nothing oriental/heavy/mysterious, no vanilla, no roses or opulence – I simply want to smell…fresh!
In case I find the right thing, I will share my discovery with you.

6. A watch with a dark clock face.
The perfect companion for the dark season and double as classy in an instant.
Men’s size.
Something like 

7. A military-style coat.
Shoulder flaps, heavy wool fabric, autumnal olive green – this is exactly what my new coat looks like; I discovered it in the Galerie LaFayette.
It’s back from the tailor’s and so beautiful!

8. Yellow purse.
The yellow high heels that I brought back from Rome were the one pair of shoes that I ended up wearing most often during the summer – often I simply wore jeans, a white shirt and the yellow heels – perfect.
But I’d really prefer a pretty yellow bag.

My inspiration was the 
New Jackie by Gucci:
casual, yet elegant it has already become a classic.
It was first produced in the 1950s and because Jackie Kennedy loved it so much, it was later named after her.
Apart from the pearl necklace and sunglasses the bag thus became a cult object, as the First Lady had always been something like a style icon – she took the Gucci along to State receptions as well as family outings and shopping trips.
The New Jackie is the slightly modernized version with subtly rounded edges and all in all a little bigger than the original – but it has kept its casual chic to this day.
Above all, though, it is available in many fabulous colors.
Since it has been perfect for so many years, it will definitely stay perfect all through the next season and the one after that!

Unfortunately there is no
state reception on the horizon in my near future.
But if anyone cannot imagine how versatile a yellow Jackie is  - you can in fact wear it for many occasions!
I, for example, would style it like this:

1. Casual Saturday.

The first mood board fits perfectly for a day off in fall:

browse around a bookstore, stroll through the autumnal park with a coffe in hand, find a few treasures on the flea market – doing all that in a favorite, casual look sporting an oversize turtleneck sweater and fur vest, the bag’s color turning it all exciting instead of ordinary.

1. Stefanel (via Aboutyou)
2. Patricia Pepe (via Zalando)
3. LTB (via Aboutyou)
4. Boccia (via Zalando)

5. Timberland (via Aboutyou)

2. Business Class.
Ideal, if a more classic or elegant look is desired – the yellow Jackie is a highlight and simply adds WOW.

1. Luisa Cerano (Breuninger) - this one is also beautiful!
2. Tommy Hilfiger (via Zalando)
3. Marc O'Polo (Breuninger)
4. Hugo (Breuniger)
5. Organic nail polish by Kure
6. Body cream by Francis Kurkdjian (Ludwig Beck)
7. Leather pumps by Asos

3. City Trip.
This is a look that will turn heads – the cape is a bit reminiscent of Burberry’s, and although all color hues are different they perfectly harmonize!
I’d only need the cape to put together this outfit, everything is already in my closet ;).
Um….and the bag’s missing.

1. Topshop (dream piece and not even that expensive, very Burberry)
2. Topshop (via Zalando)
3. Hilfiger Denim (via Zalando)
5. Evita (via Zalando)
6. Organic nail polish by Kure

In all the looks: New Jackie by Gucci.

Tell me which look you like the best?
And what are your must-haves for fall?


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