Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

The beauty of rainy days + løv-tea

It’s been raining non-stop for nearly a week here in Southern Germany.
For me this equals infinite pleasure every single moment!

For example...

... when I go to bed in the evening I open the window.
I listen to the rain as it falls on the street and gently touches the leaves of the trees.
The noise instantly switches off my thoughts and I blissfully fall asleep.

... and wake up due to the noises of the slowly awakening city at five in the morning already.
I inhale the cool air, close the window and go back to bed (with the wonderful awareness of being allowed to go back to sleep for another hour). Oh, happiness.

... an hour later I enjoy my tea even more than I usually do – it warms my fingers and my whole body from the inside while I prepare my children’s breakfast.
I prepare a cup for Noelle who takes a cup of green tea with fresh lemon juice with her on her way to school every day.

... my favorite things to wear on days like this are a long cashmere cardigan and a pair of shorts – it’s a casual and wonderfully cuddly outfit for rainy summer days at home.

... if I leave the house I slip into my Hunters.
 I love it every time there’s a chance to wear them: every time as if it was the first!

... for lunch we’ll have something warming for starters, such as a soup, followed by something sweet and filling, such as yogurt waffles with summer berries – everyone loves both of those dishes a lot!
If you need ideas for similar combinations you will find them HERE, HERE and HERE, for example)

... just before the kids return from school at midday I light a few candles – a little gesture that magically creates such a lovely atmosphere on rainy days!

... I make a big pot of tea in the afternoon – the day before yesterday I received a big package of LØV Tea and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Since then Noelle and I have been trying out new kinds of teas every day.

... once the children have gone to bed in the evening I straighten the kitchen one last time.
If the trash has to be taken out – while it’s pouring rain – I run outside in my bare feet, and get drenched within seconds.
Sometimes I just have to squeal with delight when the cold raindrops touch my skin.

Goodness, how lovely the rain is!

This time I ordered quite a big selection from LØV Tea:
Apart from various kinds of tea a small teapot found its way to us – and advanced to favorite status in no time at all: the perfect size for approximately four cups.
The store’s accessories are nearly as pretty as the packaging of the teas!

A word about the tea itself:
It is not only packaged in a beautiful and stylish way, but it’s also organically grown.
The quality of LØV Tea is superb – the containers usually hold big, entire tea leaves, the aroma of which unfurls wonderfully in hot water, instead of the ground, inferior stuff that is often sold inside of teabags.

Main thing, though, is that LØV Tea is actually incredibly delicious, and with their extensive selection everyone is sure to find the kind that matches their favorite taste.

By the way:
You can order tea in bulk to refill the high-quality metal tins, they can be refilled again and again – the colorful mix is a pretty decoration for the kitchen.

 We especially love drinking these varieties at the moment:

Fruity and refreshing green tea with lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit – rounded off with a slightly spicy note.

Noelle’s favorite on her way to school – I favor drinking this one in the mornings:
Green tea with ginger and lemon.

"Lov is beautiful" is a mix of white and green teas with small pieces of mango and pineapple.
If it makes you more beautiful?

By the way:
The Liebesbotschaft Cashmere Collection experienced a small additional delivery, and there are but a few of the coats available in one size – at the special price, of course!

Sources of supply:

LØV Tea varieties: Lov-organic
Tea pot: Lov-organic

Liebesbotschaft Basics cashmere coat: BamundBini
Hunter rubber boots: Amazon

Can you recommend any other of the LØV Teas for me?
I’m a little overwhelmed by the huge selection ;), and I’d be happy about your personal tips.

Love - and here’s to more lovely rainy days!

p.s. if you need ideas what to do with children on rainy days, you can find them HERE.
And here are some additional suggestions.

This post was translated by Ginnellstudio, thank you so much!

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  1. Oh Sweetheart you look really adorable wearing your Hunter Wellingtons, I wear violet Huntress Ladies Wellingtons and i'd love to slip them on and join you.
    Many Kisses

    Oh Schatzi sie sehen wirklich bezaubernd tragen ihre Hunter Gummistiefel trage ich violett Huntress Damen Gummistiefel und ich würde gerne zu rutschen sie auf und gemeinsam mit euch.
    Viele Küsse