Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Ready for the night out.

My husband has been working away from home at a distance that only allows us to see him every 2nd or 3rd weekend. This is also the reason why I raise my glass to myself in the evenings and not to him ;).

I thoroughly enjoy the time by myself with the children, and I am very happy when we are all together again!
When we get the chance to go out as a couple, I really pump up the volume in terms of what I wear.
(um... I do that all the time, when I think about it. I guess, I just love it.)

One of my favorite combinations:
Clothes remain simple without much chichi – but the purse and/or shoes feature as highlights.
This way everything stays elegant without being boring.

I prefer loose-cut tops such as the pretty, slinky blouse in a casual cut – with long pants or (destroyed) denim during the day, a tad sexy at night with high waisted shorts and high heels.

The top part of the back of the blouse is transparent, but the way, adding a pretty focus!
My highlight:
The purse made of soft calfskin that is nice and roomy, and can be worn as a clutch at night!
The design is reminiscent of the popular purse by Stella McCartney, and despite THEORETICALLY owning the purse for several weeks, it is PRACTICALLY only used by my daughter.
"Because it is”
Both items can easily be worn all throughout the year, by the way, the dark colors are very suitable well into both fall and winter.

Blouse (also in black and taupe, my blouse is a dark grey): HERE
Purse (also in black): HERE
Silver bracelet (also available in wide and silver): HERE
Everything by Dein Lieblingsladen

Shorts (old): similar ones by Maison Scotch: Zalando.
Shoes (old): similar ones by River Island and Evita
My watch: Michael Kors (right now on sale)

My husband will stay until Tuesday and I am going to visit him in Berlin soon – also a nice option



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