Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

A longboard, a couch and relocation plans.

Do you recall Noelle’s bad accident
 last summer?
She hasn’t been on a longboard ever since.

But Noelle aka rock star wouldn’t be Noelle, if she wasn’t dead determined to go for a second attempt: she spontaneously booked a longboard class for herself and her brother, happily outperformed them all, and went with my husband to buy a board straight afterwards. 

Putting her money where her mouth is.
It’s so her.

By the way, "longboarding" was only one of the 50 items on Noelle’s bucket list.  

It is called:

"50 things I wanna do, before I move." And it contains all sorts of creative, wild, dangerous and funny things.
Things you mightn’t necessarily do otherwise.
(and I am NOT allowed to look at it, because maybe perhaps slightly possibly it will say “smoke weed” on it. I dunno. But it could.)  

So…how do you mean…"move"?


Yes, dear readers!

Our house was sold and we received a written notice in the mail:
the new owners want to move in as quickly as possible (“but you can leave the interior as it is”. At least that!).
So we have to are allowed to move.

I am quite undemanding with regard to our future residence.

(as usual).
It should basically only be the following:
- big.
- bright.
- right in the City.
- similar in price to a terraced house.
- I personally have to be able to take part in the decision-making concerning the fixtures.

That would already sum up the essentials.

Shouldn’t be a big problem, right?
As we all know the real estate market is replete with huge, bright living quarters at a reasonable price and beautiful, flexible fixtures.
Or is it?!!!

At least I am usually finished looking in no time, because:
- "Look at this marble floor. You don’t get them like that anymore!”
(for a good reason!)

 "The bathroom was only renovated in the 80s. It’s all still in good condition!”
(fact is our definitions of “good condition” differ by a very large margin.)

 "And here is where another kid’s room will fit in.”
(That’s right. The children aren’t that big after all. If they are able to stand upright between the closet and the bed, what’s the problem.)

- "This has potential!”

("Oh yeah. Knock it down and build a new house.”)

- "Exclusive fixtures."

("So true. If you like golden taps, Greek pillars and the above mentioned marble floors all over.”)

You see: absolutely no problem!

A veritable walk in the park!

As I therefore assume that the road will be clear for us to move soon, I spontaneously bought an additional couch last Friday: it was part of a retail store liquidation, and it had Noelle’s name written all over it.

For now it is in the way hangs out in the
living room , awaiting its new, large room.
Being very excited about it.
Just like us really!

Another tip for you:
The animal pillows are perfect for everyone who prefers kids’ things to be “un-tacky”.
I had been eyeing them for quite a while, then I got a gift card – and now they are finally available on sale!

The same shop offers great children’s clothes, also for older children, and wonderfully stylish decorative items for nurseries.
Ben’s shirt is also on sale.

He picked out the tiger and the zebra himself: both animals are embroidered (hand-made) instead of printed, just like the Areaware pillows.

Pillows: (Areaware, printed): HERE (the green tiger is unfortunately not available anymore, but there are plenty of other animals on sale)
Zebra (embroidered): HERE
Tiger (embroidered): HERE
Ben’s shirt: HERE

(everything by Smallable.)

p.s. Ben took the longboard this morning to school and had a fall on the way there – he not only had bloody scrapes everywhere, but his right hand was in bandages.
Me: "Oh, Ben! You couldn’t take notes in school then!”
Ben: "Mom. I am left-handed.”

I am so on top of things here.

love greetings


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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