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Beautiful summer days. (+winner)

The longboard.
Over and over again: the longboard.

A “Oh, well, let’s go to the emergency room and have it checked, if Ben’s wrist is still sore…” turned into a cast.
Right at the beginning of the summer holidays, yeah.
At a particularly inconvenient time, as Ben was going to attend a surf camp together with his sister pretty much at the start of the holidays.

Ben on the other hand thinks it is a blessing in disguise:
"They could have put my whole arm into a cast. Every time I would have raised my arm it would have looked like a Nazi salute. Hail my leader.”

We go to test it a few times in front of a mirror, and believe me:
He is right.

1. After the shock (and hours of waiting in the emergency room), Noelle and I first of all prepare a sumptuous dinner. There are grilled Köfte (Turkish meatballs), crunchy oven-baked rosemary potatoes, corn on the cob, various types of melon and this incredibly delicious salad.  
Is it obvious how to prepare it, or should I write up a detailed recipe for you?

2. Even if the days in the Stuttgart region are often unbearably hot, the evenings are all the more pleasant. Whenever possible I try and spend some time with the children outside in the evening – be it a spontaneous simple picnic at the lake (bread, cheese, melon), a beach bar that allows us to dig our toes into the sand, or dinner in a beer garden.
For all of you living in this area:
Teehaus provides not only the most beautiful view of the sunset over Stuttgart – my children think that the climb to the top reminds them of Narnia (!).

We only set out for home when it is already dark: car windows rolled down, wind in our hair, listening to this song, volume to the max. 
And this song.
And this.
Crickets are competing in their song, the freshly mowed grass has an incredibly beautiful scent and my children ask me to take a detour so that the trip lasts a little longer. I stop at a red light and look over, lost in thought – in the car beside us is a man who looks over, lost in thought just the same as I.
Our eyes meet and we smile.
We don’t look away, look into each others’ eyes and just smile for a really long time.

We are convinced:
This is the most beautiful moment of our lives.
The most beautiful summer.
The most beautiful life.

(you simply have to try it: absolutely EVERYONE smiles back at you. Old, young, man, woman, bus driver. Everyone.)

3. The "7 minutes training"- app isn’t exactly new, but it is free and perfect for everyone who is as athletic as a slice of toast me, and who jump on any excuse to procrastinate .
7 minutes.

Just do it.
Also fantastic after a run.
(and don’t present me with lame excuses ;)).

4. For all who love a minimalist, simple style:
the white wooden boxes by Tine K. home stylishly keep jewelry or other knickknack in place.
I just cannot decide whether they look better in the bedroom or the bathroom.
And if you like writing down your thoughts you will love this notebook: very pure in white with a black spine.

4.  Everlasting love and a must-have for your vacation wardrobe: denim shorts!

A piece of advice:
If you want to achieve that relaxed, casual surfer look buy the shorts 2-3 sizes too big – it will slide down slightly to rest on your hips.
I bought my shorts in the sale and they are a size 38 (US 8/10) – they are supposed to fit just like this ;).

If, on the other hand, you want to wear super short shorts combine them with a loose fit T-shirt, tunic or top – this is also very pretty and casual.

A selection of pieces from the sale, some at a great price:
5.  You’ll find summer feeling at its best at Anke and Olivia.
Too pretty to not link it!

6. So inspiring:
an excerpt from the mail of one of my readers – she hits the nail exactly on the head, I’m sure it will be useful for you, too.
She is referring to the "Shopping Queen"-Post.

"I tend to never write to any blogger, I am rather a “silent reader”.
But last night I had such a funny revelation that I simply have to tell you about it:
I have been thinking about your blog post "Shopping-Queen" (and yes, I am one of the three readers you actually does not watch this program – we don’t have Vox at home ;)) for a very long time, it touched me deep down. And I thought about it way too much, all rationally, in particular about how to manage to really really absorb your message.  
So I was lying in my bed last night and suddenly thought of my lavender plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago and that just completely died on me. Usually my plants never die, rather on the contrary. Everythingsimply grows around here.I was a little sad about the lavender, but thinking to myself I go:”it’s a pity, but it’s not my fault, not my problem. It was just a funny plant.” 

And suddenly I couldn’t help but laugh really hard, because that was exactly your message: don’t refer everything back to yourself and ponder about what you did wrong, if it has been someone else’s problem.”

Oh, so good!
I was so happy!
I’m WARNING you: don’t attempt to deeply ponder about my posts and think about how to “put them into action” and how to “work on yourself”.
Let love do this, and in the meantime have as much fun as you possibly can, OK?
And don’t take things personally anymore, OK?

7. The winner of the Engel+Banditen bundle is:

Congratulations, please send me a mail.

Sources of supply:

Tine K. home boxes (HERE), Tine K. home notebook (HERE), chopping board, marble: geliebtes Zuhause
Mason Jars for iced coffee etc.: Blueboxtree


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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