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Favorite books for young readers + winner

If you’ve known my blog for a while you will know that I love children’s books:

when my children were younger there was nothing dearer to me than reading to them.
Unfortunately the offspring learned to read by themselves and nobody really fits on my lap anymore either.

Yesterday afternoon the kids got some of their old children’s books down from the attic: the sat on the floor for hours, looked at every one of them together and talked about their memories.

"When I was little, I thought these drawings were bizarre. But nice." (Noelle)

"It was because of this book that I learned to distinguish left from right." (Ben)
"I would have loved to disappear into this book myself.” (Noelle)
"When I was little I never understood this part. And I always wondered why everyone laughed." (Ben)
This inspired me to write down a few recommendations for you – because I asked them which books they would DEFINITELY read to their own children!

The only downer:
these are not new releases, but books that accompanied my children during their childhood and that they liked particularly well.
Unfortunately some of the special ones (most of them) are out of print.
Which leaves you with the possibility to buy them used – maybe keep your eyes peeled on flea markets or second-hand markets?
If you are able to track one down choose to buy the best-kept version and be prepared to pay a good price:
it is worth it!
These books will be a pleasure for a number of years.
They are either very funny, with particularly detailed illustrations, or they will just touch your heart!
These are the books my children would read to their own children:

1. ALL books by Mick Inkpen and Nick Butterworth - perfect for the very little ones (about 2 years and up).
incredibly beautiful drawings appropriate for children (not tacky), and a wonderful sense of humor that even the very young will understand.

Particularly nice:

- "Ausgerechnet eine Maus!" (to me this is the cutest children’s book of all times! Absolutely recommended for 2 years and up).

- "kein leichter Fall für Jonathan"
- "Donnerwetter, Jonathan!" (important: this book contains a beautiful poster of a tree. Check to make sure it’s still there when buying it second-hand).
-"Ein Luftballon für Leopold"
etc... – the whole series of Jonathan and his friends, containing several volumes.
A gardener in a park who speaks the animals’ language and helps them out?
Oh, yes! 
Lovely illustrations and written with a sense of humor (2 years and up).

- "Von Schafen, Perlen und Häusern", a collection of Biblical parables, retold for children and never boring (2 years and up).

- "Dinosaurier fressen keine Bananen", a small volume, illustrated with a lot of love for details and written with a wink and a nod, as usual (3-4 years and up).  

2. Leonardo
... is an inventor just like his famous namesake – but a rabbit.
So he invents a carrot washing machine, an Easter egg coloring machine and a fox deterrent device – all things you might need as a rabbit ;).
(about 3 years and up)

3. The entire "Charlie und Lola" series is perfect for about 4 years and up – if you don’t want to miss out on Laura Child’s entertaining style of writing:

4. "Prinzessin auf der Erbse", ideal from about 5 years.  

"The prince was a nice boy and didn’t look bad – in fact he looked GOOD – not TOO good, just GOOD.” Any further questions ;)?

5. All Astrid Lindgren books- neither unknown, nor new, nor unavailable ;).
 "Mio, mein Mio" is one of the lesser known ones,
yet so beautiful that Ben now reread it front to back and kept gushing about it.
(5 years and up).

Do you have any other recommendations for smaller children? I look forward to further recommendations in the comments, so that readers with younger children can benefit from them!

And another question:

my children are teenagers already, so my blog’s themes are matched accordingly.
When they were younger I hadn’t blogged yet – which is why there are hardly any or no tips at all from this time.
Are you interested in simple crafts or play ideas suitable for the little ones?
I’d be happy to post a series on my blog!

The VisaCare by Philips winner is:

Congratulations, please send me a mail.

You will find the recipe for the healthy amaranth bars HERE.



p.s. Yesterday evening it suddenly started to pour.

All of a sudden Noelle turned the music up high, yanked open the door to the backyard, raced outside in her summer dress, jumped into the pool and started to dance wildly and to her heart’s delight.
What’s left except joining in and getting soaking wet down to your underwear within seconds?

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