Freitag, 3. April 2015

Hello April + winners.

March has been my personal mammoth month of the year (so far): 

I worked a lot, organized a yard sale, planned a coffee shop, packed 280 moving boxes and moved out of our old house, put our stuff into storage in the basement, was in Berlin and in Cologne at the h+h trade show, landed in California and moved into our house on the coast with the children. 

I can hardly put my gratitude towards Eva into words: 
She was an excellent substitute mom for my children, and they felt very much at home in her family. 
Both are happy (Ben more for the fact that he does not have go to school anymore from now on, while Noelle truly regrets this fact) and they only speak English with me now. 

Without Eva I swear I would still find myself among unpacked boxes. 

This way, though, it was only Noelle who cried tears of happiness (she is the only person who only ever cries tears of happiness), when she welcomed me at the airport. 
By the way: when I cried tears of happiness one time Noelle looked at me sternly and said: 
"Mooom! You are not allowed to do this! That's my part of the show!"

Let’s look back on March together, when I….

- ... told you a few recipes for singles (all extendable to a family), revived my mother’s favorite cloud pancakes again and created 3 espresso desserts for Easter.

- ...showed you some simple and quick ideas for Easter decorations, and did some rubber-stamping and crafts for Easter (even if some of them were from last year) 

- ... told you about the yard sale and showed you a new spring outfit,

- ... there was simple/classy jewelry for Easter and a nice story to go with it,  

- ... I wrote down my thoughts on a sad occasion – the German Wings plane crash.

You have to be a little patient with me: 

I first have to settle into our new place of residence in California a bit, before I will be able to blog about it regularly. 
You can see a few first impressions on Instagram.

On a first road trip we picked up our car from Anette from Lebenslustiger.
Everything’s perfect, but it turns out there is one downside AFTER ALL: 
With regard to music the car possesses only a tape player. 
There is even a tape in it. 
I can choose now between "Conny lernt reiten." and "Conny geht zelten." (popular stories in Germany for little girls).

Otherwise I am looking forward to letting you in a little on our everyday life in Santa Cruz, California and to inspire you! 


Here are the winners of the Jacobs give-away: 

Congratulations, my lovelies, please send me a mail with your mailing address! 

I am looking forward to spending April with you! 


Ben, after looking around the house on the first morning:
"Oh, Eva’s family is much tidier than ours.”


Thank you to Ginnell Studio for translating this post.

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