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Prettiest jewelry for Easter – and why it is perfect for California.

This year there will only be a small gift for Easter.  

A personalized engraved bracelet.  
Or a delicate ring. 
Or 2 or 3 of them because they are so slim and look best when worn together anyway.  
And a necklace for the husband. 

The special thing about them: 
All these pieces of jewelry share something with my trip to California – and not just the fact that I will take them with me.


First of all:
Our future place of residence for the next few months will be Santa Cruz. 
(Santa Cruz, California, USA, make no mistake – do not confuse with the Spanish town on the Canaries of the same name).  
Santa Cruz is also called "Surf City USA", so we spontaneously picked this town. 
This was one reason; the other was that I instantly managed to find one of the few houses there, which was not decorated in an absolutely ugly/over-furnished/tacky manner (or all three of them together!) – and additionally in line with my budget.

So, if a piece of jewelry like the gilded bracelet carries the name “Santa Cruz”, it is a broad hint/heaven-sent sign/the Universe’s clue (take your pick), it’s obvious: 
It wants to be mine.
The pure design is also exactly what I like. 

The parcel from Familienbande also contained a necklace for boys – it is often a little challenging, men and jewelry, and this one is so simple, beautiful and stylish. 
Additionally, I had it engraved with a wishful quote. 

And secondly...

Someone provided me with a car to use during the time in California. 
Just like that.
Without a trade-off.
Quite spontaneously a day after my California post. 
No catch.

It turned out that the owner’s name is Anette, who lived in California for 10 years with her family – and chauffeured her kids and their surfboards around in exactly this car.  

Anette herself has great style and is very creative – you can find more about her on her beautiful blog Lebenslustiger.
Being a product designer, goldsmith and photographer she also presents her ideas in her shop:
There you will find exceptionally beautiful knitwear and very delicate jewelry – simple with a little something. 

I was thrilled about the filigree rings in rose gold and gold and I have worn them nearly every day since they arrived! 
While I still like wearing my statement rings on more festive occasions, I prefer my Lebenslustiger rings for every day life, as the delicate jewelry is not in the way when doing your chores, because you can hardly feel it. 

The rings look the prettiest when arranged in a group and make fingers look very slim – I wore them before, namely HERE and HERE.

The day after tomorrow, the latest, my fingers with Anette’s beautiful rings will grasp Anette’s steering wheel and will drive my kids around with their surfboards and accessories. 
Just like Anette in her day.

I hang on to this image with a sense of panic right now, as I am not only knee-deep in moving boxes (how much stuff do we actually own?!), but I also wonder on an hourly basis: 

Moving, renovating AND moving abroad for a while, all at the same time, I repeat: 

If I find out who made that decision…
Just you wait.
You’ve got it coming.

Sources of supply:

Bracelet Santa Cruz in gold und in rose gold: Familienbande
Necklace with pendant for men (necklace also available in gold and rose gold): Familienbande

All rings in gold and rose gold: Lebenslustiger


P.s. h+h Cologne was fantastic, Eva Brenner aka Romy Schneider was even more charming than on TV and I really had a lot of fun. 

Thanks to everyone who came! 

This post was translated by Eva Ginnell.

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