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Say hello to longer legs - Invisible Heels!

Women who are – like me – not particularly tall, appreciate the advantages of high heels even more: 
Not only do they look elegant, but they visually elongate the legs and instantly make us a few inches taller, and this consequently works real wonders when it comes to most outfits. 

However, here in Santa Cruz, most of the times neither elegant nor high heels are an appropriate choice – but then I am back to being short again….dilemma! 

Any woman in a similar situation will surely be as excited as I was, when I discovered the "Say hello to longer legs -Invisible Heels".
They have been available in the US for some months already. 

Invisible Heels elongate the legs by nearly 1.5” within seconds and they do so invisibly!  

How does it work?
The principle is the same as insoles, I admit, this doesn’t sound exactly sexy at first. 
But they have a sexy EFFECT! 

Just insert them into flat boots, high tops, Stan Smith or any other shoe with a little bit of a higher shaft: TADAAAA.
The pieces are super light and very comfortable; you will totally forget about them after a few minutes, because they adjust to the foot. 

Walking in them can be compared to walking in wedges, in my opinion - in low, very comfortable ones, mind you. 
Ideal for any woman who feels a little unstable walking in high heels. 

Invisible Heels are completely invisible and virtually ideal for any ankle-high shoe: 
booties, boots, high tops (e.g. by Converse), Stan Smith, biker boots, Ugg boots, and flat overknee boots. 

You just have to pay attention to the fact that the shaft is a little higher in the back, as in my loafers. 

You can see the difference quite well in this picture, don’t you think? 

Without saying a word, Noelle took them and put them into her high tops and I haven’t seen mine ever since ;).

I think these pieces are simply awesome! 

InStyle has written about Invisible Heels already; in Germany these insoles are available online since a little while ago, to order go to

If you live near Frankfurt you can even by them in a brick-and-mortar shop, namely in one of Päivi Budarham’s wonderful stores, a power woman with a heart of gold who I got to know personally recently: 

 - &sisters ( here you will find individual fashion, jewelry and accessories by many unusual labels, or 
- noa boa ( here you will find stylish maternity fashion for moms-to-be, children’s clothes for ages 0-14, toys and an in-house design studio for unique, personalized gifts. 

And both shops are exclusive sellers of Invisible Heels – or, as mentioned earlier, go to

Or California ;).

Say hello to longer legs!


p.s. My top is from Mangomy clutch is from San Francisco. 

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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