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My packing list: casual basics for traveling.

When I was packing my bags for California I had to restrict myself quite a bit and disregarded most of the extravagant pieces of clothes from the start. 
The small mountain of clothes that was left received another decent downsizing. 
I placed the remainder into my suitcase, only to realize that at least half of it wouldn’t fit. 
So I had to go through it one more time…. 
What I finally brought with me were absolute basics with but a few highlights. 

Best of all: 
I realized that everything matches wonderfully, I have innumerable possibilities to combine pieces and the style fits both into the relaxed surfer life and the big city San Francisco. 

I put together the majority of my current closet for you:  
This casually relaxed basic set of clothes is not only fitting for California, but for anyone who generally has to limit their luggage a lot when traveling. 

At the same time it is a great basis for all those who dress more casually during their everyday lives, and would like to look stylish without much effort. 
In a stylish way you can push your stroller and carry a latte at the same time. 
Or simply run your daily errands. 

The weather in Santa Cruz is very changeable and similar to spring in Southern Germany – forget "It never rains in California"! 
It can get pretty chilly here during the day, but most of the times we have the most beautiful beach weather. 

I am wearing:
Coat: Vero Moda (I had it slightly shortened at the alteration shop) 
Jeans: thrift store, similar cut by Asos
Shirt: vintage, similar one by Asos
Hat: Hallhuber

I left all my extravagant, colorful and elegant dresses, sparkly high heels and little jackets in Germany – and packed my bags instead with…

-  3 t-shirts each of the same color (black, white and grey)
- 2 boyfriend jeans 
- 2 pairs of slim-fitting black pants 
- 1 black blazer
- 1 denim jacket and 1 denim shirt, and 1 white shirt
- 1 trench coat and 1 casual coat (the one in the pictures) and one light-colored short jacket 
- 2 denim shorts, 2 white shorts and 2 dark blue ones
- 2 grey cashmere sweaters, one cashmere cardigan and 1 hoodie 
- 2 striped sweaters
- 4 casual dresses 
- 1 sequin skirt (link is HERE)
- and some shoes, purses and 2 nearly identical hats that I wear almost every day.

Add 2 pairs of soft joggers and some white and grey tops (for underneath, if it’s a bit cooler or with shorts, if the sun’s out). 
Et voila! 
Always dressed perfectly – I would nearly say anywhere in the world. 

Which means you can use my post just as well as a packing list for your vacation – as you surely have one or the other piece in your closet already. 

1. White basics.

My advice: buy 2 to 3 really nice, well-cut and a little more pricey white t-shirts; you will wear them all the time anyway and your money goes a longer way here than in any evening gown. 

I would also rather wear long sleeves, since they can easily be rolled up, if it is warmer and it looks relaxed at the same time. 
Keep in mind a variation of necklines and buy some in a size bigger than usual: it guarantees a relaxed, unforced look. 

Add some white shorts, preferably high-waisted, because they seem to be a tiny bit more elegant and therefore, matched with a grey shirt, nicely fit in in the hot city. 

And a white shirt in combination with denim shorts simply looks irresistible!  

5. Esprit
6. Opus
8. Kiomi

2. Grey basics.

Cashmere is unbeatable, since it is super lightweight (weight on the plane!) and wonderfully warm; I usually prefer Breuniger’s basics, as they offer good quality at a very competitive price. 
Add some V-neck t-shirts, 2 warm hoodies (the ones by Superdry are simply the softest) and a casual, unlined trench coat. 

4. Esprit
5. Mango (also available in light grey)

3. Black Basics.

Generally I am not a big fan of the color black, but it simply cannot be topped when it comes to options to combine it, also in summer!  
I love the following combination above all: destroyed jeans, white t-shirt, black slim-cut blazer and white sneakers. 
I also love wearing my black pants on cooler days, combined with the denim shirt or a grey top and the denim jacket. 
Black, loosely cut and drapey shirts and dresses are ideal; add some high heels and you are perfectly dressed for the evening time and the city. 

3. Michael Kors (in dark blue)
4. Mango
5. Apart

 4. Denim, stripes and khaki.

Indispensable and pretty year in and year out - before leaving I stocked up on my basics by placing a big online order. 
And it was a good thing, because despite all the advice along the lines of “Don’t bring so much, you will buy everything over there!” I have hardly been shopping at all here so far.
The outlet mall was quite disappointing and the prices are high due to the bad exchange rate.  
Apart from that, my children don’t really feel like traipsing through the stores, but rather spend their time on the surfboards ;)). 
My need for big-time shopping trips has been limited so far, as I am quite busy as it is. 

Anyway, here are the other basics I packed. 

1. Only
2. Mango
3. LTB
5. Mango
7. Lysanne

3. Gant
4. Mango
5. Diesel
6. GStar

5. Shoes and accessories. 

Those are the things that complete everything and they can turn a casual outfit into an elegant one in no time! 

While I did bring some high heels I have nearly not worn them at all so far, but I will still link some for you, in case you want to go out in the evening dressed a bit more elegantly.  
On the other hand I wear white and grey sneakers and pointed flats nearly all the time.

My advice:
Bring a tote, if you go traveling for a longer period of time. 
Mine is my daily companion at the beach and the farmers’ market, whereas I usually bring the roomy, soft clutch with me to town. 

5. Asos
6. Mango
7. Mango
8. Vans
10. Topshop
11. Topshop (also available in white)
12. Vans

And if you think these were too many basics:  
I sure have a handful of favorites for spring and summer; but I will tell you about them another time. 

Thank you, Nicole Adler, for the beautiful drawing! 



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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