Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Why I can never rob a bank.

Did you know that every time I leave my house, readers either approach me on the street or I later receive emails with “I saw you today!”? 
These encounters are always very pleasant and I am delighted every time to have the opportunity to meet one of the many thousand people who pay me a daily visit on the blog – live and in technicolor. 
It’s invariably wonderful and I have never found it to be uncomfortable. 

On one hand.

On the other hand: have you ever thought about what this actually means? 

I am neither supposed to look lost in thought (“Is she worried and tries to hide it from everyone?”), nor can I be mad at my husband (“Is her marriage on the rocks? Is she maybe seeing someone new?”), nor look at my children in an irritated manner (“Is everything just a show? Is her blog a make-believe world?”), and by no means can I leave the house without make-up (“Burned out? Is she sick or depressed? Is maybe everything on the blog just photoshopped”?). 

Rob a bank or pick my nose? 
Well, one does not do these things on a regular basis anyways, but I’m just saying! 

I could have circumnavigated these limitations with ease by exclusively posting recipes or decoration ideas. 
Or pictures of a headless me. 

But then again I could not have met any of you spontaneously on the street and hugged you! 
Whatever you do...

Besides, I couldn’t have shown you such beautiful things like this coat.
Or the new purse. 
Or the delicately embroidered top, which is so breezy and light that I nearly froze to death, but I wanted to introduce it now already anyway. 
Once it’s summer and I wear it with a pair of denim shorts, you’ll all be howling again, because it’s sold out. 

So: buy it now and wear it in summer with cute shorts. 
Or skinny khakis. 

The design of the bag is reminiscent of the famous Chanel Boy model, but a lot more affordable. 

The coat is perfect for the time when seasons are changing, or for not so cold winter days. 
What I love especially: you can wear it classically styled, as in my outfit, but also sporty-casually like Noelle:
With a striped oversize scarf and sneakers. 
A dream! 

Purse: HERE
Coat: HERE
Top: HERE (I would go one size up so the fit is even more relaxed)  
Everything via Villa Smilla
Leather pants: Zalando

Love from 
Joanna (who does not mind abstaining from bank robberies, if only she can hug you.) 

The loveliest story in this context happened to take place in front of a ladies’ room. 
As it was occupied, I stood there waiting my turn. 
After a few minutes the door opened, a woman emerged, looked at me, simply said: "Joanna!" and flung her arms around my neck that very second.

This is EXACTLY how love stories are supposed to begin! 

Thank you to Ginnell Studio for translating this post.

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