Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Taking a break from work.

Do you remember my friend Jeanette, a successful make-up artist and hair stylist, who prettifies politicians and notables on a daily basis and possesses a great sense of style herself?  

Post by her were published HERE and HERE before.
She is very busy with her job and wrote a post kind of from on the road, inspired by her work and the people surrounding her. 


It is definitely winter time up in the North and the much talked about cool breeze is blowing.
I love this season, just like I love any other season. 
(how lucky are we, by the way, to have four seasons?) 

You feel the wind ruffling your hair, the rain, magically making your skin glow, you are delighted about every ray of sunshine, magically making your eyes sparkle, too, and the cold freezing your breath solid, when you walk across the fields on a clear winter’s day, stomping through the snow or – like me – having been by the seaside for work. 

I traveled a lot during those past few months. 
My job took me to the most diverse places, connected me with the most varied people and over and over again I realize: I love diversity! 
In nature as well as in people. 

An area’s climate often mirrors its inhabitants’ mentality, in my opinion – only subjectively, of course! 

The often times rough climate and the clarity of the North, the mild and convivial character of the Rheingau area, the warm and jovial nature of the people of Cologne. The proverbial “Bavarian sociability” and the proximity to the warm Southern regions are such characteristics.

People fascinate me and enthuse me – most of the times at least! 
In particular their diversity. 
Hair: blond, brunette, black, red.
The physique: tall, small, slim, chubby, thin.
Wealthy in years or young. 
With the most varied preferences and dislikes. 
Everybody contributes to our planet’s bio-diverse-ity, because they are the way they are.  

I suggest you discover yourself and your very own bio-diverse-ity. 
For did you know that you are unique and fascinatingly beautiful? 

If you, like me, deal with people a lot, the biggest challenge is to regard exactly this colorful mix as a gift. 
To let every single one of them have their moment in the spotlight – that’s a skill. 

Among other things four things are essential to achieve this: 

1. First and foremost:
accept and love yourself. 
("But..." - SILENCIO!)

2. Be true to yourself. 
Easily said, but the basis of any team work and success on all levels. 

3. Get a feeling for the traits and all “assets” of the people around you. 

4. At the end of the day a strong group will emerge, if everyone is centered in themselves and appreciates the others’ strengths. 

So which one is the hardest?
The first one.

And this is exactly what I mean. 
Often the first, quick impression is what counts.  
But no impression is set in stone – it changes with closeness, devotion and love. 

So be aware of this: 
You are uniquely YOU and a gift to the world – live it to the max! 
And today is the day when you take that first step and start getting to know yourself.
It is never too late for a happy childhood!

The black oversized sweater on the first pictures is from  DeinLieblingsladen.

Lots of love,


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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