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"What does your home express?” + everyday outfit on sale.

The loft we are going to move into is being remodeled by us from the ground up – exactly the way it best fits our life style. 
And whatever the layout allows. 
As mentioned recently, some walls have to be torn down for this purpose and rebuilt someplace else – tearing the walls down is a lengthy and energy-sapping procedure, since everything was originally built to last. 

Surely you can vividly imagine my husband’s expression when I told him last Saturday that two whole walls that had been removed already have to be erected again at exactly their original spots – I had simply made a mistake. 
The construction workers were also very delighted about the news. 
I am not exactly very popular on the building site right now. 

But, but….I can explain! 
Even if everything is still reduced to rubble, and none of the rooms has its future finished dimensions: 
I have set up everything already and know the place of each (imaginary) piece of furniture, I have sat on the (imaginary) couch already, have cooked a meal in the (imaginary) kitchen and have eaten at the (imaginary) dinner table. 
I know exactly how it feels to walk through the (imaginary) rooms and which message they send out. 

For I am convinced that the rooms we live in always send out a message.
Some convey elegance, some a classic style, some conservative luxury, some boredom (!), some rooms feel very staged (they say:” we put a lot of effort into this and thought long and hard about where to place this chair, and it should be right HERE, otherwise it feels wrong”), some rooms speak of unkindness, some say: “I have no idea who I am and what I am doing here”, some convey a chill, some creativity, some playfulness, some indecisiveness (this would be a place where things are being pushed around and changed every week and nobody is ever truly happy), some speak of joy (and for this they don’t even need to be colorful), and so on. 

You don’t believe me?
I can decipher any room’s language without much thought (and actually also the energy/motivation underneath) – and so can you, for sure, if you pay a little more attention to it. 
The very first impression you gain when you enter a room is what the room says, entirely without considering the style of furniture or the color of the walls. 
It even works with rooms in pictures or on blogs! 

The first question I ask my customers when they ask me for help with the interior decoration: 
"What should the room express? What is the first, spontaneous thought or feeling you want to experience when you arrive at home?” 

I consider this more important than which type of chairs you will have or which color the couch will be – and this is exactly the reason why the two walls are being rebuilt, as whatever my rooms are supposed to express, they can do it better with the two walls than without them. Unfortunately I only noticed this…um…a little bit later. 

So joy all around, as you can imagine. 
Reactions ran from incredulous “Joanna, you are surely not serious…? (I am) to secret rolling of eyes behind my back (which I do notice! I have eyes in the back of my head, guys!). 

You can find pictures of the building site on Instagram under hashtag"newhomeforLiebesbotschaft".

So my thoughts are occupied with space planning, which will take me to a construction fair in a few days’ time (Yay. As sexy as fashion week. At least.) and all the while I want my daily outfits to be uncomplicated, yet still a bit special. 
You know: safe, but not boring.

If I primarily work from home, I prefer the combination of coated pants with a denim shirt over the old “sweater+jeans” ensemble.
Although it is also casual, it is a bit more refined – if I am out and about I wrap a cape around my shoulders, add a warm sweater and flat overknee boots: a comfortable, yet stylish look! 

My Topshop denim shirt is very soft and cut a little on the roomier side – it’s relaxed and looks particularly well with skinny pants. 

My cape is available at Queermode in Stuttgart (around 230,-€), the embroidered monogram is added individually, per order.

Some really good basics from Topshop are on sale right now!

1. Cape by Topshop
2. Denim shirt by Topshop
3. Pants by Topshop
4. Overknee boots by Topshop
5. Gloves by s.Oliver
6. Watch by Michael Kors

By the way, I spontaneously ordered this hat in the sales. 
And this jump suit – in the hope that we will share it. 
(although…definition of “let’s share it” chez Liebesbotschaft = if the piece is beautiful, I will never see it again except in the laundry pile). 

But everything will be better in the new house, because I will lock my clothes in the safe. 
No kidding, we are going to have a safe in the basement. 
Not one of those wall-mounted ones, oh no – a whole walk-in safe, as seen on bank robbery blockbuster movies. 
Oh, and also a shooting gallery. 
(I had placed great importance on either of those from the start. OK, this time I am kidding – both things were already there.) 

What the heck does THIS say about our home…? 
Safe and shooting gallery mean that I am so, so close to a career as an action movie star.  
So close!

And you thought you will see me posting ordinary shopping hauls or deadly boring beauty routines soon, but far from it! 

Joanna aka future villain 

p.s. If you want, why don’t you write in the comments what, ideally, you want your rooms to express – I find that most interesting! 

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio. Thank you so much!

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