Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

The Candy Color Side of Life.

I haven’t even told you the best thing about Santa Cruz yet. 
Or let’s say, ALMOST the best thing. 

Not far from our house is the "Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk", a kind of amusement park located directly on the beach. 
So you ride the roller coaster and at the same time look out on the ocean. 
Assuming, of course, you can still look anywhere at all and don’t have your eyes closed shut while at once screaming and secretly hoping for the best that you will be able to leave this machine from hell alive again.  

The kids are much more unabashed and while they also scream, they scream with joy. 
I kind of feel quite old. 

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is beautifully colorful and full of bright candy colors and to match it I slipped into one of my absolute favorite dresses: bright yellow like some of the gondolas floating in the sky. 

I found the dress in one of San Francisco’s thrift stores and discovered shortly afterwards that it is impossible to wear it and remain inconspicuous at the same time. 
But after all this is not what I am on this world for ;). 

My daughters call it the "Cameron Diaz" dress. 

For your favorite pieces that you are particularly fond of it is worth using a special laundry detergent so that the colors stay brilliant for as long as possible and the piece of clothing doesn’t look limp and sad after just 3 cycles in the washer – such as the Optimal Color laundry detergent by CORAL*.

It is ideal for my yellow dress! 

3 further tips for possible future visitors to the beautiful Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk:

1. Just because something is made of wood doesn’t mean at all it is harmless. 

2. If the roller coasters haven’t managed to make you sick, why don’t you try corndogs (a kind of hotdog, whereby the sausage is wrapped in a sweetish deep-fried cornmeal dough instead of a soft bread roll, truly utterly disgusting), ice-cream or deep-fried (!) Oreos. Works without fail. 

3. Are you looking for 2 nice compliments by women, one by a man and a bit of general staring? Just wear a bright yellow dress and there you have it ☺. 

It was great!
Let’s do it again soon!


*in collaboration with Coral 
Translated by Eva Ginnell.

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