Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Prettiest summer dress + Kreafunk

For all of you who can hardly wait for summer to start, or are looking for a luxurious and stylish Mother’s Day gift for themselves: you have landed in exactly the right place here with me today. 

A package from Germany arrived here in Santa Cruz recently, filled with beautiful things:  
It contained not only the perfect summer dress for me, but also headphones for all of us! 

I tested the dress today with regard to its beach suitability and I have to admit: 
No other has such a beautiful and soft drape and moves so gracefully in the wind. 

Simply add flat sandals and you are instantly ready for a trip to town, radiating the summer’s heat, for a garden party or for a beach vacation.  
The fabric’s structure is casual and there is no need for ironing; you can regulate the size with a tie in the back. 

It is at the same time relaxed and still somewhat stylish: I like!

By the way, the dress is extra long and therefore ideal for tall women! 
I know that these often look for fitting clothes in vain – this one will definitely fit you. 
I myself am not particularly tall and will have the hem shortened a little bit; the dressmaker can do this for but a few dollars. 

We are very excited about the beautiful and high-quality headphones by Kreafunk. 
The design is unrivalled in its classiness, the color selection is very tasteful and has an added golden rim, and the sound quality is extraordinarily good.  
The headphones have a bluetooth option (including a USB cable), are noise-reducing (perfect for the plane!), and they will play your favorite music for 14 hours straight. 

In my opinion the Danish label Kreafunk has outdone itself: the headphones are covered in a buttery-soft PU leather and their size is easily adjustable. 

They are delivered in a classy wooden box with a color-coordinated travel pouch; you will find a great selection of colors at Villa Smilla.  

Thank you for accompanying me to our go-to beach! 
You can easily see in the pictures how windy it is here every day: it isn’t without a reason we have ideal surfing conditions here every day. 

Headphones: Kreafunk via Villa Smilla
Dress: Villa Smilla



This post was translated by Eva Ginnell.

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