Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Hello, May!

My blog posts in April were unusually colorful (and above all favoring the color blue), and it was for a reason: 
I’ve been on the West coast in the US, in surfer paradise Santa Cruz, for one month already. 

I am spending a couple months here with my two younger kids, until our new abode in Germany is inhabitable (if you are unfamiliar with the story, read it HERE).

While March was one of the most work-intensive months of the year for me, April presented the total contrast: 
The days here are filled with sunshine, surfing and good food. 
In between we take road trips, drive to San Francisco to eat cupcakes, browse in book stores and thrift stores, go for wild rides on Santa Cruz’ famous Beach Board Walk and test-drive all of the city’s movie theaters on Saturdays. 

Oh, and I also blogged here and there, although it doesn’t really feel like classic blogging, more like a kind of travelogue: 

  "Dear journal, today we …” 

- ... reported on our first days in California 

... and showed you some details about the house in Santa Cruz,

- ... wrote down my current reading list for you,

- ... and a packing list for a relaxed summer  - one that will absolutely fit into your suitcase!

- ... took you to a local farmer's market ,

- ... in the mean time we all learned a lot from  Cinderella (how to NOT do things, that is), and Jil showed us what it is like behind the scenes of a model’s every day life – and how she personally copes with it. 

However, there won’t be that much a model’s every day life for Jil in the near future, as – while I am typing this post – my eldest daughter is already on board of a plane; she spontaneously sub-let her apartment in Berlin and decided to live here with us. 
Probably less due to her missing us than the attraction of the location. 

Talking about the location: 
There is still plenty to tell about California – I am happy you are accompanying me! 

(And if you think this is way too much beach: 
Friends, we have to go through this together now! 
There’s nothing I can do! 
About 7 years ago I was in the same situation; we had to leave our old apartment and had no prospective new one (don’t ask…bad constellation of circumstances).  
So in the interim I lived for about a year in a place the size of approx. 215 square feet. With 5 people. 
It was really a lot worse than beach, beach, beach, I can assure you. 

Well, then! Take a deep breath and keep going! 
We’ll make it!)

I am very much looking to spending the month of May with you ☺!



This post was translated by Eva Ginnell.

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