Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Bikini love in black&white.

Summer is about to start in Germany, too, and this is exactly the reason why you have to look for a bikini at this point in time already, as the nicest ones are sold out faster than you can spell “California”. 

I personally always pick bikinis in classic colors, for the following reasons: 

- black, white and navy blue are never out, they match every skin type (rule of thumb: if you like wearing black, you will also feel good in a black bikini) – because of this you can look at pictures of yourself even years later with a clear conscience ;),

- if the color is subdued an especially extravagant cut or cute little details, such as edgings or bows have more of an effect, 

- and finally: a bikini like this will also look pretty underneath a white blouse and can be combined with any outfit without a problem. 

Unfortunately I haven’t found anything yet this year – when I left for California there wasn’t much to be had in the shops in Germany yet, and upon arrival I noticed that most sizes were sold out in any of the stores ☹. 

I bought my black bikini in France a while ago, it has been and still is great, and the white one is from Agent Provocateur. 
Unfortunately I have to admit that – despite its high price – the quality is not very good – but at least it matches the board’s colors ;).

I picked out the most beautiful models in classic colors and patterns – depending on your body and especially your cup size you may have to choose a different shape. 
Surely you know yourselves whether you’ll be happy with a simple triangle cut or whether you need more support with an underwire top.  

At the moment I particularly like shapes that are reminiscent of the 50s: a little Hollywood glamour, a little diva style. 
High-waisted bottoms, beautifully and elaborately shaped tops, colors such as white, dark blue and black. 

1. Agent Provocateur (Top + Bottom)
2. Moncler
4. Agent Provocateur (Top+Bottom)
6. Moncler

1. Particia Pepe (Top + Bottom)
2. Reiss (Top + Bottom)
3. Seafolly (Top + Bottom) - es gibt zusätzlich ein anderes, süßes Höschen HIER.
4. Reiss (Top + Bottom)
5. Kiwi Saint Tropez (Top + Bottom)
6. Watercult (Top + Bottom)
7. Beth Richards Amber (Top + Bottom)
8. Seafolly (Top + Bottom)

1. Tommy Hilfiger
2. Tommy Hilfiger
3. Tommy Hilfiger (oder in weiß)
4. Bogner
5. Tommy Hilfiger
6. Tommy Hilfiger

Do you already have a favorite bikini for this season? 



Translated by Ginnell studio.

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