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No make-up, please! - my beauty favorites in California.

I haven’t used decorative cosmetics for weeks, because applying a grand make-up is not the done thing here! 
Dark lipstick and smoky eyes don’t go with the relaxed bikini look in Santa Cruz, on the coast of California. 

On the other hand, due to constant exposure to the sun and strong winds the skin needs an extra amount of care and nurturing – best of course in shape of high-quality natural beauty products. 

It is quite easy to buy these in California: 
There is a great selection available in many grocery stores, beautifully packaged and for the most diverse areas of application – I am usually a little overwhelmed by the excess supply ;). 

Jil and I have put together a little selection, which we bought locally at Whole Foods’ and the cosmetics department in the mall – some products I brought with me from home. 
Best of all: you can order everything online quite easily from your home. 

In addition some images of a cloudy morning, when the light is very gentle and paints everything in a delicate grey hue, I like it a lot! 
And to top it off some pictures of myself – this time completely without any make-up ;). 

3. Aftersun + Bodylotion.

Diese beiden Produkte habe ich aus Deutschland mitgebracht:
Die "nach der Sonne" - after sun-Pflege von Dr. Hauschka sorgt für langanhaltende Bräune und kommt ebenfalls ausschließlich mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen aus.
(Lasst euch nicht durch den anfänglichen Duft verwirren, der verfliegt eine Minute nach dem Auftragen, wie bei allen Dr. Hauschka-Produkten).

Um die Bräune tatsächlich lange anhalten zu lassen hilft allerdings nur eins:
cremen, cremen, cremen.
Am liebsten aus dem Pumpspender von LaBruket und mit zartem Rosenduft!


1. Burt's Bees.

This label is as ubiquitous here in the US as Nivea is in Germany and it is a real success story: 
Passionate beekeeper Burt Shavitz and the artist Roxanne started a business more than 25 years ago, very consciously using natural ingredients from the get-go. 
Today a wide range of the products is available everywhere – due to the bees wax the products usually have a firmer consistency and are very nourishing; they are also fantastic value for money.

We bought two kinds of hand creams so that everyone can simply use the jars at will – it is ideal for those in need of a rich hand care. 

We also bought the sweet lip balms in different flavors and 2 of them with a gentle tint – the latter two are perfect for a relaxed summer look. 

My personal favorite product is the nail care – lightly applied it will prevent delicate cuticles from drying out, which often doesn’t look very pretty. 

2. John Masters.

These care products are also much easier to find in the US than in Germany: 
Since I have used this label’s hair care for a while already, I tested a face wash with rose oil and a sunscreen for the face this time. 

All John Masters products are produced from very high-quality plant-derived active ingredients, such as cold-pressed  plant extracts as well as essential oils, which are all from certified organic or controlled farming – entirely without any chemical additives etc. 

I dab the area around my eyes with the cooling gel by John Masters – it feels so good on warm sunny days! 

By the way: 
When I go swimming in the ocean and then twist my wet hair into a bun I’ll end up with very natural beach waves once my hair is dry! 
If you don’t happen to have an ocean nearby you can use the Beach Waves Spray for the same look – J. Masters carries this as well. 

3. After sun care + body lotion.

I brought these two products from Germany: 
The after sun care by Dr. Hauschka supports a long-lasting tan and also contains only natural ingredients. 
(Don’t let the initial scent confuse you, it will vanish a minute after its application, as is the case with all Dr. Hauschka products).

But to make a tan really last there’s only one solution: 
Apply lotion and lotion and more lotion. 
Preferably from the LaBruket dispenser, delicately rose-scented!  

There were more details we particularly noticed about beauty products here in California: 

- Americans love heavily-scented beauty products, especially coconut and other similarly sweet food aromas, such as bubblegum, are very popular and available in a wide variety, 

- Californians are absolutely crazy about body lotions: 
Noelle told me that in her school the girls always carried bottles of lotion with them and applied it happily at any given opportunity, 

- all in all one notices a much bigger awareness for natural cosmetics here than in Germany. 
This is also why small towns often have their own local organic beauty product line, only available locally. 
And the quality is often really very good! 

And slowly but surely I am developing a coconut scent addiction, too. 
At least I have already used up a full bottle of coconut sunscreen spray and I drink coconut water every day. 
Not sure, if that counts ;).

Sources of supply in Germany:  

Wide range of Burt's Bees products: Green Glam

Hand lotions/salves: HERE and HERE
Lip care: HERE
Cuticle cream: HERE
John Masters products: Green Glam

Sunscreen for face: HERE
Eye gel: HERE
Face wash: HERE
Beach waves spray: HERE

Body lotion by LaBruket: HERE
After sun lotion by Dr. Hauschka: HERE


P.s. I discovered something new here, however, in terms of make-up – I definitely have to tell you about it another time! 

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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