Freitag, 13. März 2015

Easter decoration ideas: simple + pretty.

The prettiest Easter rubber stamps and very special Easter pendants to quickly embellish your Easter buffet – this is what I will show you today!  

The beautiful and delicate laser-cut Easter eggs made of strong paper can be…

- hung from blooming branches, 

- attached to monochrome Easter cards (for example with ribbon and Washi tape, so that the recipient can take them off and re-use them), 

- used as decoration for the table: tie them around napkins with a slim bow, 

- and attached to a box with an Easter gift as a gift tag: upgrades everything instantly. 

Silhouettes are usually rather playful/romantic: this one is very simple due to its graphic pattern and matches reduced, not tacky Easter décor very well. 

As you have probably noticed, I simply used the eggs from past years: 
Golden Easter eggs, mixed with chalkboard-paint Easter eggs and white chicken and goose eggs, which I quickly added number stickers to.  
In spite of the different colors they all harmonize wonderfully! 

I particularly like the “I’m glad you are here” and the “a little something for you” stamps, since they can not only be used at Easter but all year round. 

Sources of supply:

Laser-cut Easter pendants in 4 designs: AvieArt
Easter stamps: AvieArt

Gold do-it-yourself Easter eggs - instructions: HERE
Chalkboard Easter eggs: HERE

As I keep getting asked, I also looked up some natural eggs for you to order – if you prefer simple, non-colorful Easter decoration. 

Big white goose eggs: Amazon
Wild duck eggs (delicate, beautiful color): Amazon
Quail eggs (the very small ones in the pictures): Amazon

People who are looking for more this year and wish to not only treat their guests with Easter cake, Easter cookies and three types of chocolate cream, but also make them smile will find many ideas and appropriate recipes at my Easter dessert table !

Have fun!



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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