Dienstag, 3. März 2015

Good-bye February - hello March!

In February...

- there was warm comfort food, such as warm fruit cobbler and Polish Pierogi after my mother’s recipe,  

- 10 tips for a cold week-end, 10 best ideas for  Valentine’s Day (some of them not to be taken quite seriously ;)), and inspiration how to escape an unpleasant day and jump right into spring, 

- I told you my beauty favorites this month, and created an American dessert table to say farewell to my children, 

- there were first tips for a spring look: with a relaxed  leather jacket, a light coat and a lace top, this season’s prettiest backpack, and Valentinos in the utmost anticipation of sun rays, 

- I wrote the second part in the series of things “that are not being taught in school” 

- ... and told you the far-reaching consequences one simple question by my daughter had: 

Quite to my surprise this post triggered numerous positive reactions by my readers. 
You felt inspired, encouraged and challenged – many of you even took concrete steps towards change in the subsequent days: 
Tackled things that had been lingering for a while, put them into practice, did not hesitate any longer and left your comfort zone.  

You couldn’t have pleased me more with this! 

The kids have been in California for two weeks now already – it is wonderful, how much they enjoy the time despite some language-related challenges (particularly in class), and how beneficial it is for them.  

Especially Ben has taken a big step towards more independence – even if Jil thinks “this is only, because he is away from you overprotective mother hen.” 
That little bit of putting out his clothes in the morning, making his lunch, tidying after him, reminding him a million times of everything…what does she even know. 

For me, too, it’s countdown time towards the departure – and slowly I feel like no moving cartons in the world can hold the amount of things here. 
(How on earth did all this fit into this house? It is truly a miracle.) 

Don’t get me wrong: 
I am a great fan of decluttering – anything that has ceased being pretty or functional is instantly rejected. 
Apart from that, though, I possess so many things of beauty and high-quality, that it would be a shame to put them in the trash.  

I will be hard-pressed for time to offer them all to you online – which is why I decided to hold a yard sale the second-to-last week-end in March (somewhere between March 20 and 22). I will tell you all the details and the exact address in due time – I am looking forward to meeting some of my readers in person. 

And now I have a little request: 
Unfortunately it is hard for me to estimate how many people will show up
In order to avoid having 200 readers pile up in front of the house on Saturday morning and us all being overwhelmed – would you kindly let me know in the comments, whether you plan to come? 

Should there be very many, we have to consider this somehow or spread it out to two days – you understand my concern? 

It would be a great help, thanks! 

The following people won the fairy-tale froggie give-away:

Congratulations to all winners, please send me a brief email with your address! 

Everyone else:
Don’t be sad – we will have ourselves such a wonderful March that nobody will miss anything: not a frog nor a prince (LOL), nor anything else, because take note: 

If you want to feel good – you have to ALLOW yourself to feel good. 

With this piece of wisdom, embroidered onto your couch pillow, I wish you the most beautiful month of March (Liebesbotschaft on your set reading list, no doubt!) and send you lots of love, 


Thank you for translating this post, dear Eva Ginnell!

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