Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Easter decoration

Here are the very last interior pictures from our terraced house in Germany’s Swabia region: 
You have known all its corners for years, and you will have to adapt quite a bit in a few months! 
Well, just visually, of course. 

I did not really decorate all that much – I bought an armful of French tulips and cherry tree branches at the farmer’s market, placed a few eggs into a glass vase, and put up some new simple receptacles. 
That was it.

I know, most of you will think: “But for such a short time? It isn’t really worth it!” – but I enjoy every day I am able to spend in beautiful surroundings, amidst the scent of flowers and fresh colors. 

After all, my living room is also my work place on most days, and I am my own boss.  
Mind you, I am the best boss in the world and I create an atmosphere as lovely and pleasant as possible for my employees (to be exact, one in number at the moment = myself), serve them espresso at lunchtime, tea and ice-cream in the afternoon, place fragrant flowers on the table and light scented candles on dull afternoons. 

The work atmosphere is always relaxed, funny and inspiring, you are allowed to sit on the couch with your laptop, warm your feet with a soft spring blanket, while listening to your favorite music. 

One thing, however, is fundamentally wrong: 
I have to pick up all the chaotic photo shoot stuff myself. 
That is not exactly nice, for sure! 

I will have to contact the union in this matter. 

The white ceramic containers with wooden lids are both practical AND beautiful: 
They fit onto your desk (as “where to put all the little bits and pieces?”- container), in the bathroom/bedroom etc., and they are available in three different sizes. 

Other new items are the soft spring throws:  
The woven plaids are made of cotton, warm the feet on cool evenings and can be used as picnic blankets, as they can be thrown into the washing machine without a problem. 
They are available in pretty green and blue hues! 

Sources of supply:

Spring throws: HERE
Ceramic containers with wooden lids: HERE
Small black vase: HERE
Porcelain feathers: HERE
Porcelain origami bird: HERE

Everything via LaMaison

If you prefer coloring eggs or doing crafts with the kids – I have shown many timelessly beautiful ideas in the past years. 
Here are some of them:

(in collaboration with the fantastic Olivia from Yippie Universe – pay her a visit and say Hi for me, she writes one of the prettiest blogs ever!) 

- Ombré Easter eggs – with home-made surprise chocolate eggs 

There, now you’ll be busy for a while and won’t ponder about things that are none of your business and don’t do any good. 
Such as worrying about the future. 
Or reflect on other people. 
Or reflect on what other people think about you.  
Or reflect on what other people MIGHT think about you. 

I say, rather stick funny faces on eggs! 
It’s better for all of us.

Speaking of “better for all”: 
There will also be some Easter decoration items for sale at my yard sale on the week-end of March 20 to 22 (I will let you know the exact date and place in due time). 
If you live in the vicinity of Stuttgart and do not show up for it, you may not read my blog for two whole weeks afterwards. 
There you have it!



p.s. this post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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