Montag, 10. November 2014

X-MAS-EVENT Review + winner

I am still a little very much intoxicated by the week-end in Essen: 
So much abundance was bestowed upon me by all these wonderful people, who hugged me, by the readers I had not known until then, by all the kisses, the laughter, the tears (!) and the fun we had together.
I also met several bloggers in real live and can only say with utter conviction that they are all much, much more beautiful and even lovelier in reality than I had already assumed they were. 

What a highlight!

Despite the many attendees Villa Smilla and DeinLieblingsladen managed to create a wonderfully harmonious and festive atmosphere, that was conducive to relaxed shopping, taking funny pictures or drinking a glass of champagne and chatting.

Since the subject of no-go-sentences had been settled in the last post, people often said to me the following instead:

"So? Have you found a house yet?”

Once we do, anyone checking in on the blog will know.
It’s the law.

"I am all fidgety every day, checking whether something new has been posted already.”  

How nice is THAT?
If you anticipate my posts that much, ….I am immediately even happier than I was before.

"I am all fidgety every day, checking whether something new has been posted already– and then I call my daughter/mother/sister/work colleague: ”Quick, take a look, there’s something new!”
How awesomely super duper nice is THAT?! 

"You are actually much smaller in real life!”
One time.
Tine, Villa Smilla’ s owner.
I guess I unfortunately have to sever relations now.

"Weeell? Anything familiar here? No? And now? Still nothing? And now? No?” 

Approx. 10 times over.
Anke, DeinLieblingsladen’s owner, after attempting to drive me from the restaurant to the hotel – a distance of about 750 yards that took us 45 minutes, 7 U turns and a desperate phone call to her assistant, who finally directed us to the hotel.  
If I have the orientation of a sausage link: Anke is far worse, I swear. 

"Joanna, I will take care of it.”

Countless times, assistant mentioned above.
Ragda does not only look like Rania of Jordan, but talks non-stop without taking a breath (“Do you like this song, Joanna? I also think Beyoncé is great. Did you see her Superbowl show, Joanna? For one of the songs she brought one of her ex-band members up on stage, not every star would do that, it really speaks in her favor, don’t you think, Joanna... bla bla blaaaaaa.... “– it is sufficient to nod regularly, and to say “yes” every now and then.) – and she is the most empathic and competent person that I have ever met.

There is nothing that Ragda wouldn’t sort out for you within minutes!

If you ask for a charger cable, because you forgot yours, Ragda does not only find one, but charges your cell phone, of course, rolls up the cable and places both into my purse (without having to explicitly ask her to do this).
If Ragda takes you to the airport, she does not simply drop you off at the door (which is what I expected to happen), but accompanies me to every counter, then suggests to go and eat a bite together, and asks for my favorite magazines, so she can quickly go and get them.

If I had wished to spontaneously adopt a child from abroad or buy a vintage car that week-end, I am sure: Ragda would have sorted this out for me within a few hours, too!
Yet not without buying children’s clothes in the right sizes and renting a garage – because Ragda simply thinks ahead!
She takes care of every little thing with such nonchalance and professionalism, that I would have loved to take her home with me as my give-away

Goodness… can I possibly go on living without Ragda? 

I want to say Thank You for this wonderful week-end!
Thank you for allowing me to inspire you – I myself feel so blessed and enriched and fulfilled – and if anyone could tell me how, in the face of such high spirits, I can ever turn to such mundane tasks as doing the laundry ever again, I would indeed be filled with additional gratitude.  


Winner of the Topshop - give-away is:


Congratulations, please email me!


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Grandma Ellen – the 72-year-old lady who walked in the fashion show – kissed me good-bye on the mouth.

Thank you for translating this post, dear Eva Ginnell!

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