Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Glamorous advent’s calendar + winner.

I have something special and glamorous in terms of advent’s calendars for you today: 

This year Ina from AvieArt let herself be inspired by my style and created virtually “made-to-measure” advent’s calendar numbers – they were supposed to be simple, yet at the same time chic, and also a little bit special. 

I am so happy about the beautiful result! 
They are slim wooden tags with engraved numbers, which feature slits for ribbons - inserted very simply, yet elegantly. 

The tags are part of a glamorous advent’s calendar – embellished with porcelain ornaments by By Nord (I still had these ones from last year – but they have pretty ones this year, too, such as the penguin, e.g.!), scented Diptyque candles and a wide ribbon, woven in a herringbone pattern.

Aptly, I show you pictures of Jil taken for a hat designer – these, to me, portray pure glamour! 

Capturing the advent’s calendar is one of my loveliest shootings, as all the while everything is pleasantly, and not at all overbearingly, fragrant with the candles’ scent, Ella Fitzgerald sings softly in the background, and packages with beautiful contents pile up beside me – Christmas comes earlier to me as a blogger! 
And I can assure you that I have the prettiest gift ideas and greatest inspiration in store for you during these coming weeks – you will be able to see them at Liebesbotschaft, all relaxed and on time.

All of you who wonder why I unpack packages, instead of pack (moving) boxes – rest assured: I started yesterday by tackling the attic, highly motivated – when my 21-year-old wedding dress resurfaced, which fits Noelle like a glove!   
It fits as if it was custom-made, even without the train – isn’t it baffling? 

Unfortunately the mice that had visited our attic for one winter found the dress equally beautiful :(...

So none of you will wear my wedding dress, but one will still cuddle up in the Liebesbotschaft Basics cashmere sweater from now on!

Winner of the give-away is: 

Congratulations, please email me! 

Wooden calendar numbers: Avie Art
Gift boxes: Avie Art
Ribbon: Avie Art

Porcelain animals by By Nord: Inside Living
Dyptique scented candles: Ludwig Beck or Breuninger



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