Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Introducing: ghd Curve

My longtime readers have known it for a long time:
there is hardly anything better for me than going to the hair salon – as soon as someone touches my hair, I instantly enter a Zen-type state.

In other words: I cannot help myself but close my eyes, drift off and fall asleep within a few minutes – entirely independent of the time of day and my actual level of tiredness.

So what’s the probability of me agreeing to an invitation by ghd with the prospect of getting my hair done?



Brief info:
The combination of letters ghd stands for "good hair everyday" – and most people know the label as being the manufacturer of the highest-quality and best flatirons in the world.
Myself and my daughters have used these appliances for years and swear by their top quality – we won’t allow anything else into our home our hair.
(Especially since I had to do without one for a few weeks and had to use a substitute device by a different manufacturer – as a consequence I had to have 6 inches cut off my hair. Because it was so damaged.)

Now there’s a novelty by ghd a lot of people have long been waiting for:
finally they do not only produce flatirons, but also the best curling iron ever!

To be precise, there are FOUR curling irons altogether!
They are equipped with tri-zone technology, which guarantees optimum extended hold and a constant styling temperature of 365°F – it is so gentle on your hair that you can use it daily without a problem. 

The following 4 curling irons are available under the name of ghd Curve :

1. Soft curl tong: big curling iron – for natural, soft curls and longer hair, as well as volume and fullness along the hairline for a sensual look.

2. Classic curl tong: medium-size curling iron – ideal for classic curls, even for shorter hair.

3. Classic Wave Wand: oval-shaped curling iron – this one creates big, glamorous waves for the perfect Hollywood look.

4. Creative Curl Wand: conic-shaped curling iron – creates curls along the hair line and waves in the ends of the hair, in other words: relaxed, beautiful beach waves.

By the way:
The curling irons are equipped with a sleep mode (appliance automatically switches off after 30 minutes), universal voltage (which allows the device to adapt to the individual country’s voltage anywhere in the world), and feature a rosé gold heat protecting pouch.

The ghd Curve is a welcome addition to the flatiron and my daughters, in particular, are super excited!

While Noelle managed to create the perfect curly mane within a few minutes (“they are much nicer and more natural than made with the flatiron, mom!”), I initially had difficulties handling the device (I had never used a curling iron before) – which finally culminated in the stylist doing my hair, meaning:


To be honest: I also would have loved a neck massage, Penne all'arrabbiata and
a new house an espresso – but didn’t get any of it.  
Even when I asked for it.
Where the heck is Ragda, when you need her?!



Thank you so much, Eva Ginnell, for translating this post!

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