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Pre-Christmas shopping in Stuttgart.

How about you and I enjoy this late fall day together and stroll through Stuttgart’s shops this morning? 

Let’s walk through the shopping district – here are small stores featuring exquisite pieces you won’t find everywhere.
I do all of this at my own speed, taking a lot of time: this might mean that I stop for 2 hours in a bookstore, or try on a myriad of lingerie – as long as I feel like it! 

By the way, I do love wearing high heels when I am in town – for the following reasons…. 

- first, I am not so much the power shopper anyway and need a break every hour: on a park bench, a coffee shop or the armchair in a store. Nevertheless I am tired after 3-4 hours and have absorbed enough impressions for the day. 
And I would never wear high heels I cannot walk in for 3 hours in the first place. 

- second, I want to use every opportunity to show off my shoes – as they are simply too pretty, and it would be a shame to leave them hidden in the closet! 

- and third, every outfit I try on seems to be 5 times as lovely with high heels! Ankle socks with white polka dots and sneakers would ruin every dress in the fitting room already, be it as elegant as anything ;). 

Before we go look through the little shops, let’s have breakfast in the new café/concept store Pano.
It is located in the new Gerber Mall and due to its beautifully urban yet rustic interior decoration it is a great vantage point to explore the district – it has a bit of a New York feel to it! 

We drink café au lait from big bowls, eat fresh and sweet mango cream, nibble on home-made bread baked in wood-fired ovens, and flick through the beautiful interior design and cooking books that are on display everywhere. 

Shopping advice:
Artisan chocolate,
Metal lunch boxes 
Christmas book for inspiration (I bought this one – one of the most beautiful ones this year!) 

Pano Café is at Johannesstrasse 90.

How about some new, luxurious lingerie?
I swear by high-quality undergarments, so our path leads us to a small, family-run lingerie store, tucked away right around the corner.
Apart from the fanciest, hand-picked pieces they offer professional and friendly advice – this is EXACTLY how one should buy lingerie.

I try a model by Stella McCartney and a ring like a dream by Sabrina Dehoff, whose jewelry is also available here.

Unfortunately the ring is far too big for me – but the lingerie fits perfectly.

Shopping advice:

Anything the owner recommends (she is able to determine your correct cup size by a one-glance-body-scan),
Beauty products by Susanne Kaufmann,
Jewelry by Sabrina Dehoff.

Night Delight is located at Sophienstrasse 15.

Just a few steps further take you to Queer.
Unfortunately at the moment a little smaller than before, it is still a reliable place for festive dresses, unusual capes and extraordinary coats.

I try on a good few of them and would love to purchase a bright yellow cape with a fur collar – but I am even more in love with one in fall colors.

However, I cannot take it with me immediately, as my embroidered initials will first be added.
I am very much looking forward to it!

Shopping advice:

sparkly dresses
tailor-made capes for winter
fur collars

Queer can be found at Christophstrasse 1.

A bit further away, but a wonderful contrast, is the small concept store Studiotique.
We look through the book department, test the beauty products by Malin+Goetz (yes!), and buy postcards and in-house gift wrapping paper in black and white. 

Shopping advice:
stuff for men such as books about architecture, 
licorice-flavored toothpaste,
grooming products by Oak in the most beautiful packaging. 

Studiotique is located at Schlosserstrasse 17.

And as it is already shortly after lunch, this marks the end of our shopping spree – I call my teenagers and ask them to peel and chop vegetables, while I am on my way home – upon arrival I throw everything into a pot and no more than 15 minutes later we can gobble up a delicious fall stew (even if Ben meticulously removes every piece of sweet potato).

I love wearing sweat pants this season! 
But no worries: not the unkempt kind – I always have to add a tiny bit of chic in shape of high heels or a classic blazer. 
Simply anything that shows that I did not just climb out of bed ;)…

I already own two pairs by DeinLieblingsladen (I wore these at the Sunday event), one pair by Zara – my latest model is by Sweja, made of buttery soft leather and so comfortable that I would prefer never to take them off again.
Anyone who likes the combination of casual and classy will be over the moon by these pants. 
They run rather large and you should enquire per email about the right size, in case they are not available anymore.

Leather sweat pants: Sweja

For all of you who do not live in the vicinity of Stuttgart I have assembled a virtual shopping list – maybe there will be an inspiration or two? 

1. Lingerie by Stella McCartney (and here)
2. Ring by Sabrina Dehoff

3. Aluminum Lunchbox 
4. Christmas book "Weihnachten bei uns"
5. Beard brush by Oak
6. Cape by Topshop   (the  Burberry cape is perfect)

I had loads of fun taking you shopping!



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio, thank you so much!

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