Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Nice to see!

Today I have some really good tips you may read, look at and enjoy, and that I simply must share with you.

Highly recommended:

 In my opinion the only TV show worth watching:
In "Höhle der Löwen" (The Lion’s Den) professionals dissect a business concept within minutes, evaluate it and supply it with ideas for improvement or even personal financial investment – the whole show is highly entertaining and instructional.
You can watch all episodes online on Vox now (I just checked: unfortunately only the latest episode is free of charge, sorry…) – should be added to the curriculum in schools.
First the student evaluate it – then everyone together listens to what the investors have to say.
Value for life!

 I wish I had written this article.
But I haven’t – the FAZ (national German newspaper) journalist Markus Günther has:
Die romatische Liebe als Religion.

Cutting right to the chase.

 Imagine yourself in Moscow, you meet a Russian oligarch, everything’s going well and you have absolutely no idea how to say “How many boats do you own?” in Russian?!
What a disaster!

To make sure this will not happen to you, some native speakers have summarized a few important phrases for you – particularly pretty ones, mind you.

The sentences as well as the women.

I still have my doubts whether "
How To Learn Languages With Models" should also be added to the curriculum – but it is definitely funny, especially as every possible stereotype is represented.
(Not so funny is the fact that one really feels the urge to hand food to the Japanese model, in particular. And basically all the others as well.)

So you better go and eat chocolate ice-cream while watching it…just to make sure!



Ben thinks it’s stupid that he is the youngest in the family.
Me: "Sorry, I can’t change that now.”
Ben: "Sure you can! You could simply have another baby!”
Me: “But then it will be the youngest and would be unhappy about it.”
Ben: "Then you’ll have another one.”
Me: "And then that one is…how long am I supposed to keep going like that?”

Ben hashtag problem solver.

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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