Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Hello November! (+ winners)

Behind us lies the month of October as pretty as a picture book – at least I can only remember lovely days!

For example...

- I decorated the house for fall: classically with rose hip branches
 and bell jars and I told you 5 simple styling rules that everyone can realize at home,

- there was a fall-inspired lemon cake
 and brownies, deep-fried apple rings, and healthy chocolate cookies
(wow, we should really fry a chicken. As a counterbalance, or something…)

- I wore the new Liebesbotschaft Basics cashmere sweater in the prettiest rosé, a warm parka and a casually elegant coat by Topshop (one that you still have a chance of winning, by the way),

- I took you with me for a day out in Berlin, and told you which
 outfit to pack for a trip to the city ,

- I lovingly poked fun of
15 characteristics of the Germans , described the Americans based on Noelle’s experiences, and told you why you are never too old or too young to live a successful and happy life.

By the way I am writing this post on the road:
I am on the ICE (High Speed Train) to Düsseldorf, the fall landscape is rushing past me, in front of me a steaming cup of green tea, I assemble photographs and a very likeable lady occupies the seat opposite mine. She is on the way to Kazhakstan and Afghanistan in order to conduct negotiations for the German Embassy in her role as a dialogue coach (and I assured her I would not mention her on my blog, so please forget this all very quickly! You read nothing!). 

I had completely forgotten how nice it is to take the train.
You can start conversations with the most interesting people within a few minutes, you can work or read in a relaxed atmosphere (and stretch your legs doing so ;)) – or simply enjoy the gorgeous fall backdrop.

Another thing I had forgotten: there were sets of cups to be won with the Jacobs-give-away!
But you just don’t mention anything, honestly!
Nobody writes, nobody calls and complains – I guess next thing I have to take your stuff to your doorstep?
Just like at home: you have to do everything yourself.

The winners of one set of cups each are:

Congratulations and please mail me!

Back to all of you:
Do you want a preview for November?

Oh, I will just bury you in love until you lose your senses…
That makes you happy, right?
And it makes me double as happy.

So long,

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