Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Hello October + X-SMAS EVENT!

A little September recap:

- we made plum butter following our family recipe (which is, by the way – apart from this granola – Liebesbotschaft’s  most shared and prepared recipe on Instagram. I am very happy that so many of you liked it so much!), we baked plum tartlets, made a light yogurt mousse with blackberries and tested corn bread as a lunchbox inspiration.

- there were 10 back-to-school ideas and a Moschino dessert table for fashion queens like Noelle,

- I decorated our house a bit for fall (HERE, HERE and HERE), and told you about our moving plans and my all-time-favorites

- there were, of course, lots of fashion inspirations to mark the beginning of the new season:
I let you in on my wish list for fall, Jil wrote about her personal styling tips, and the latest soft and cuddly Liebesbotschaft Basics sweater  made from highest-grade cashmere was born ;). 

- I wrote the Liebesbotschaft etiquette of good manners and inspirational topics in the series  "what they didn’t tell you in school”.


Do you want to know what’s truly wonderful?
hat fall has only started and that we still have a whole lot of sun-drenched, rainy, windy, pleasantly warm days ahead of us!

You can show off your boots, walk your coats, envelop yourselves in long scarves and cozy up in cashmere!

Light candles in the early afternoon already, breathe in the fragrance of wet leaves and be grateful that we may live in a country that has October.
The best thing is that the best thing in your life is still waiting for you – even if the very moment is already so beautiful.
(if it isn't quite so beautiful for you right now: it will pass! You’ll see!)
In case you have forgotten how well off you are, you’ve got me – how nice is that, tell me?

The MOST BEAUTIFUL fact is that I will have the pleasure of meeting some of you, live and in color:
X-SMAS-EVENT is going to be held in Essen on Sunday, November 9!
As tickets for the first date sold out in a few hours, I am happy that the organizer decided to host another one.

We will get ready for the coming holiday season together with Dein Lieblingsladen, Villa Smilla, Anja of Butiksofie – with a fashion show, ideas for decorations and, of course, a whole lot of cake.

You can order tickets at Dein Lieblingsladen and Villa Smilla as of now.

For all those who will not be able to make it:
This October I want to cook, craft, decorate, inspire and love together with you.
Well, that’s something, isn’t it?

Oh, and in order for coffee lovers to get their money’s worth there will be a special surprise.

So tune in again!



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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