Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Live in Levis: my first 501.

When I spent last week-end in Munich, I also paid a visit to the Levi’s store, among other things.

Biggest kudos to begin with:
I was advised by one of the most competent and most likeable sales assistants ever – she had such detailed knowledge of the jeans’ pattern and manufacturing techniques, that I would have bought anything from her.
She explained every seam and showed me why certain cuts can slightly lift the butt, and beautifully shape the waist and thighs.
All that by wearing a pair of jeans!

If, additionally, I sense that the sales assistant does not expect anything from me – least of all that I buy something – I’m sold.

In the end I ended up with a classic dark denim jacket (instant love at the first fitting), a denim shirt (always works well with blue eyes), and – totally unexpectedly – a skinny, soft pair of pants that looks like jeans, but feels like leggings=second skin. 

After arriving back home Noelle examined the bags’ contents in great detail, instantly called dibs on the denim jacket and wore it to school the next day.
She does this only to justify the cost, of course.
Very selflessly.
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However, I can understand Noelle well: when I was 16 – the same age as she is now – I wore my very first Levi’s 501.

Yes, dear underage reader: I experienced the times first hand, when 501s were cool.
Not cool AGAIN.

It was the summer when I met my children’s father – on a beautiful Croatian island.
One afternoon a group of youngsters went on a cave excursion – please note: not a “field trip”, but something you can describe as follows:
"crawling on your belly in complete darkness and silence for hours, squeezing through tightest openings and commando crawling through the mud, only to safely find the exit.”
Yep, great old trip, that.

I certainly didn’t want to miss out on this – especially as I was the only girl in a group of boys (guess which boy also took part).
The only slightly annoying fact was that I did not have any appropriate clothing – it was definitely too cold inside the cave with just a light summer dress.
Apart from the commando-crawling-through-the mud.

However, I was given loan of a 501 (and now everybody’s guess who gave it to me).
The fit wasn’t that bad with the help of a belt, and I certainly won’t ever forget the sentence: “Wow, it looks good on you!”.
(well, who might have said that?)

Before you drown in tackiness:
Today his jeans would fit more than two of me.
But hey, after all he’s had three children since then …it leaves its marks, right?

Do you also have a story or memory revolving around a pair of Levi’s?

It would be perfect for Levi’s recently launched promotion:
At live in Levis everyone is invited to share their personal story in connection with the cult jeans.
The label was founded 140 years ago and is synonymous with quality denim, which makes for quite a few adventures you associate with the pants or a jacket, true to the slogan:
you wear Jeans, but you live in Levis.

This clip has captured some of them in the nicest way; some well-known celebrities talk about their life in Levi’s – each of them has their own short movie.

If a Levi’s garment is also among your favorites, you can participate in the Photostory and the give-away at the same time:
Upload a picture of your Levi’s to Instagram and write 2-3 sentences why you like them so much.
Add the hashtags #liveinlevis and #levismoments – and you will instantly have the chance to win one of the 100,-€-shopping vouchers or a Levi’s Customizing Kit.


p.s. I only have one year to tease Noelle with the sentence:

So what’s up with you these days?”

I have to make good use of it, of course.

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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