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Rome-Special Part II.

I was very curious whether the Roman women’s dress style would actually be blatantly inspiring or whether you would simply call it “generally well-dressed, but European”.

If I was asked to describe the Parisian woman’s style in one sentence, I would say:
While she knows what she’s doing, she puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that the styling doesn’t look too forced – always adding a relaxed, individual touch.
Chanel, yes please, but combined with a vintage leather jacket, the color of the shoes maybe not perfectly matching, but the whole package is radiating such nonchalance that everything is perceived as perfectly harmonious.
Classic with a touch of nonchalance, always a little playful and not taking things too seriously (not looking that way, respectively).

The ladies of Berlin on the other hand style themselves for hours in order to look as if they hadn’t styled themselves AT ALL.
„Oh, I just threw that on. The bun I twisted with one flick of the wrist. The sneakers combined with the oversized coat – I just happened to grab them from the closet. And the dress that could also be worn by a 13-year-old and successfully covers each curvy bit – I got that at the thrift store.”
Of course nothing is just coincidence here:
Bottom line is that the look has to be extra careLESS, on all accounts not too sexy, not too much (visible) label, by no means too much color, in no way emphasize the feminine side.
The latest summer uniform these days is, by the way, wearing Birkenstock flip flops, and that really says it all.

With Roman women, however, every detail screams from a distance:
„I am a woman and I loooooove it!”
I have rarely experienced so much concentrated femininity and obvious enjoyment of it than in the streets of Rome (once you look past the tourists’ uniform).
The Look:
Very groomed, very elegant, for the most part a figure-hugging dress (ending at knee-length), high heels with solid heels or wedges, long hair down in soft waves to go with it.
Everything rather reduced: not as ruffled-playful as the Scandinavians, not as edgy as the women in Berlin, but just simple in a refined way, chic and sophisticated.
Sparkly shoes or festive little dresses are donned at night.

Noticeable fact:
The women that caught our eyes were usually between 40 and 60 years old and my husband as well as I craned our necks every time in admiration.
Because this is definitely an inspiring fact: especially beyond 30 femininity is emphasized here, no woman hides behind the inconspicuous mommy look, however, she skillfully stresses her good sides and it is herself who gets the most pleasure out of it.
They don’t even want to be little girls and dress up as such, they are women nonetheless – allow me to use this word at this point: they feel desirable and that is what they are.
It is somehow sexy, but just at second glance.
It is not simply WHAT they wear – it is also HOW they wear it: assured of themselves and proud of the fact that they are women.
You really pick up on that and can’t help enjoying it, too!

I met a reader in Rome, who has lived there for 20 years and works as a fashion designer herself.
I wore a knee-length black dress with a light-colored belt that day and Andrea’s comment was:
„What you are wearing today German women would use as an evening frock, tops. And then only, if there was a special occasion! Here, on the other hand, this is a common everyday look – Roman women wear this the same way.”

I saw monochrome dresses in classic hues particularly often:
Whether they were black, beige, white, dark blue or cognac colored – the cuts were simple, figure-hugging or –enhancing, made of high-quality fabric, hemlines usually a little longer.
If it was a mini skirt – the top part was high-cut, or loose-fitting.
If the dress was rather tight-fitting it reached to the knee or it was a wrap dress that accentuated the cleavage in a lovely way.

A huge inspiration, if you ask me – it is no coincidence that very many fashion designers hail from Italy!

Apart from the fashion inspirations I also have 2 tips with regard to dining in the inner city for you!

If you’ve had enough of pizza and pasta and feel like fresh smoothies and juices, fantastic salads and fruit platters and a varied lunch menu you really have to go to Ginger:  the atmosphere is a bit similar to the easy-going mood at “Vapiano” and the food tastes very delicious.
There can be lines on the week-end, so maybe rather visit during the week.

A wonderful alternative for the evening, if you want something more up market:
The truffle restaurant Tartufi&Friends offers an incredible selection of Italian dishes featuring the coveted fungus, everything tastes excellent and is affordable.
Particularly lovely: the classy ambience and fitting accessories, down to the smallest detail, e.g. the silver trays with leather handles.
If you still crave more after dinner you can take various specialties home with you!

My inspiration for today alludes to the Romans’ everyday look:
Simply revamp your LBD and wear it casually with wedges, sandals or shoes with high, solid heels!
It’s not the dress that determines the occasion, it’s the accessories: I wore the short dress with silver stilettos at night, with wedges or flip flops during the day.
A small clutch instead of a shopper: voila!




Plus size:

from Mango

Dolce Vita at home:
This time Laura has an absolutely foolproof and wonderfully refreshing recipe for you:
Ready in just a few minutes, off to the freezer, add fresh fruit: a dream!

Semifreddo di Ricotta con Fragole

5 ¼ oz Ricotta
1 ¾ oz Mascarpone
1 oz confectioner’s sugar
3 oz whipping cream
1 lemon (preferably organic, as the peel will be grated)

- smooth ricotta in a bowl by mixing with a wooden spoon and add mascarpone and confectioner’s sugar, mix well
- whip cream to stiff peaks and fold under Ricotta-Mascarpone mixture
- mix in half a lemon’s grated peel
- fill cream into small bowls and place into freezer for about 45 minutes (depending on size of the portion)
- then serve with strawberries and enjoy (if desired, strawberries can be refined with a little mint or lemon balm)
Buon Appetito!

And next time we’ll take a spin on a Vespa – just like the Italians: in a dress and high heels :)!
I’m serious!


Thank you, dear Nicole, for one of the most beautiful drawings ever!
And thank you to lovely Eva from Ginnell Studio for translating this post!

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