Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Into the blue.

There was a lovely ritual we observed in Rome:
In the early evening hours the Italians will go to a café in groups of two or three or sometimes on their own, and order a l'Aperitivo.
It consists of a cool drink and 2 to 3 tiny little bowls filled with savory delicacies: 
Some nuts, a few olives, a handful of chips.

This way of kicking off the time after work is positively celebrated there – and even if you cannot drop everything right at 5pm as a mom, maybe you can train your offspring to serve you a l’Aperitivo every day at this time?

You think there’s not a great chance?
At least the espresso after lunch is working out just fine most of the time – no kidding!
Clean up the kitchen and afterwards take your Mama an espresso. 
Going well.

As Noelle desperately asked for a trip to Berlin, but Ben didn’t really feel like shopping, I let Noelle travel ahead with a friend this time and I decided to join them in a few days’ time.

I am so unaccustomed to be at home with just one child!
It feels a lot like vacation and although Ben talks my ear off entertains me all day long, we both enjoy it very much and apply a relaxed approach:
We either go out to eat together or I serve him all kinds of dishes that include crispy bacon strips.
Ben aglow with happiness.

I changed the decoration a little and moved the last bits of pink out.

I still had the pillow cases from last year, the blanket by Tine K. home is new:  
It has been on my wish list for a while, because it can be used as a plaid, a picnic blanket as well as a summer duvet, when visiting children stay for a sleepover.
Its craftmanship is great and since its arrival it’s been in permanent use, as somebody is always snuggled up with it.

As my grey Tine K. vase bit the dust already shortly after Christmas I replaced it with the same model in blue – a fresh, maritime hue.

I am wearing a relaxed, casual outfit consisting of jeans shorts and a white top with unfinished edges – great for a day at home!
The shorts have an excellent fit, the matching oversized cardigan is made of soft linen, a star on the back.

Have you discovered the beautiful Ilse Jacobsen flip flops with their bast fiber look?
They are not only stylish, but also very comfortable and available in many other great colors as well, for example in silver, white or a light blue.

Speaking of shorts.

When we returned from Rome, my mother, who had looked after the children in the meantime, told me that Noelle had bought herself a pair of pants.

Appalled tone of voice:
"And then, Joanna – then…she demolished them immediately!" 
"Oh, Oma! It’s called: DESTROYED! Not: demolished.”

Sources of supply:

Jeans shorts (HERE), top (HERE), cardigan (HERE): DeinLieblingsladen
Tine K. home blanket, vase and small bowls: Geliebtes Zuhause
Ilse Jacobsen flip flops: Inside Living


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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