Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014


My Instagram-followers already know it:
directly after my birthday I went to Rome for a few days.

You want to know, what it was like?

1. Rome is the most beautiful city that I have ever visited.

When strolling around the little streets, it would not come as a surprise if you came across James Cameron and Diane Kruger, shooting a Hollywood-Blockbuster – they wouldn't even have to build a film set. 
Everything is already there.

Every 5 steps you come across beautiful sights and breathtaking historical treasures, an impressive building, fountain or monument is hidden behind every bend of the road .

As soon as you have absorbed one sight, something even more beautiful and historical is waiting to be admired:
all of it is picturesquely sitting right here, in the middle of public places and streets.

Reconsidering what I said earlier, shooting a historical movie might be a BIT difficult, because...

2. Rome is the most tourist-packed city that I ever visited.
(and yes, I am aware of how it sounds, when a tourist is complaining about too many tourists ;)).

That’s why at first James would have to move crowds of Asians, Germans, Russians, Arabs, Brits and Frenchmen out of the way first – to get through to the monumental buildings at all!

Well, why could these crowds not simply serve as extras?
Unfortunately, it wouldn't work outfit-wise.

In case you intend to be moved out of the way by James Cameron during your next Rome visit, the following outfit is highly recommended (male or female: it works for both!):
- large T-shirt, color primarily white, maybe with an imprint?
- cotton Bermuda shorts, color: indefinable beige, sand or natural.
- the so called  "Tourist-hat" (see for example HERE) – almost the most important accessory!
- sneakers or sandals with white socks (even if it’s almost 40°C)
- and very important: bags worn across the chest, an audio guide around the neck, a map in one hand, a camera in the other hand.

This type of outfit is also common in other places around the world – however, not in this quantity and frequency.

Seems like word is out, beauty and such, right...

During the next days, I will talk more about the style of the local Roman men and women – since their style is truly inspiring!

3. Rome has amazing food – I was basically eating most of the time.
However, it is not about fancy dishes or elaborate ways of preparing the food:
The simplest ingredients of outstanding quality are being prepared and served with much love.
Buon Appetito!

Brimming with new impressions and ideas, the upcoming days will be quite Italian on the blog:

With atmospheric photos, recipes and outfit-inspirations, we will celebrate an Italian summer together!

No matter if on the balcony or at the Riviera, in little Roman streets or on the terrace at home, on vacation or in the middle of the daily routine:

we simply take the Italian Dolce Vita with its zest for life, vitality and enjoyment along into our everyday life!

I’m already excited about it!



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