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The power of inspiration or: 5 things, every girl should know.

True story:

When I was a little girl, 9 years of age, I spent one summer at a Christian summer camp in the mountains.
We had lots of fun, breathtaking nature around us, every now again homesickness or arguments had to be dealt with, but what is stuck in my memory the most is one of our supervisors.

Seen through the eyes of a nine-year-old this young woman was the epitome of elegance:
Every evening she dressed herself up, she wore fitted skirts with matching tops and little jackets that became her very well and she could move in them like an angel.
Her hair was blonde and fell in curls past her shoulders, and I simply could have stared at her for hours.
Mouth agape.

One evening she came into the room I shared with 4 other girls, sat down at the bedside and told us she wanted to have a talk with us.
"Now that you’ll soon be grown women…”
And then she gave us – awestruck girls, absorbing every one of her words – 5 simple tips.

Do you want to know what she said?

1. Always pay attention to your finger nails.
Sooner or later everyone’s going to look at your hands: when you reach your hand out, pick up a glass or move a strand of hair from your face – so make sure they are clean, groomed and not too long.

(Great, at this point in time I chewed my nails a lot. Felt downright bad about myself.)

2. Don’t drape yourself in jewelry all over, but wear just few selected items.
Necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet all at the same time is too much.

3. Look after your lips – they should never be dry or chapped.
Honey or butter fulfills this task wonderfully: dab a little on your lips and let it absorb for a few minutes.

4. Wear skirts and dresses as often as you can.
You don’t have to climb trees all the time, and most things can be done in skirts just as well.

5. Brush your hair (the ones on your head, not on your face or legs), use deodorant and take care of your teeth, so that they stay white and healthy.

(All self-evident, I know. But we were 9 years old and most impressed.)

For us these simple tips resembled a revelation from God and the Virgin Mary all rolled into one – this woman, however, could also have said “Coffee, coffee, coffee” and we would have been convinced that it was the solution to all of our problems for life.

You can be sure of one thing:
We never forgot these simple tips and have followed them very diligently.

Why do I write this for you today?

Because the following became clear to me:

Everybody needs somebody who is an inspiration and a role model – and who has already walked the path ahead for a bit.
You might be a pioneer for some things – but you don’t have to discover every detail in life by yourself.
And you don’t have to make every mistake yourself.

You can also simply just listen to someone who knows what s/he is talking about – and gratefully absorb the things s/he passes on to you with her/his words or her/his way of life.

If you meet someone like that (virtually or in real life), listen well and consider each second of it as a huge gift and privilege.

I don’t mean everybody has the right to meddle with your life – I didn’t say that!
What I’m talking about is a person who inspires you, gives you wings, opens up new horizons or encourages you – you know the difference very well.

Inspiration is worth more than all material goods combined, as it creates lasting changes in your life.

Do understand:
This woman did not give me a skirt.
She inspired me to adopt a feminine dress style and to find joy in it.
And this is more valuable than any designers’ frock in this world.

2. If someone is authentic and walks the talk, her/his words – if they are gratefully received in your heart – are endlessly effective.

That’s why I would never listen to anybody who doesn’t know at all what s/he is talking about.

Take a close look at the person that you take advice from:
The guys at the regulars’ table have too much to say in this world, and there are too many coaches for the national team ;).

Only let people inspire you who actually WALK their talk.
Simple advice, I know – but only a few live by it.
(I could write an entire post just on that subject alone;)).

Of course, you can also read books and attend workshops run by people you don’t know: but a real person who inspires you will always have the greatest and most effective input in your life.

(so make sure the people you surround yourself with just add POSITIVE input - just saying ;)).

The image of the young woman presenting us girls with 5 simple things for life has remained one of my loveliest childhood memories to this day.

Many more people have inspired me over the years and I am deeply grateful for them – listing them one by one would go beyond the scope of this post.

To be truthful:
I personally see myself a little bit as one of those women who sit at your bedside and tells you things like…

Get pretty and enjoy it.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
You are always the positive exception, for you things work out perfectly.
Don’t wear cheap shoes.
Forget the crap and move on in life.
Enjoy your everyday life.
Take care of your feet.
What others think about you is none of your business.
Enjoy your children.
And every human being around you.
And most of all yourself.

And a whole lot more, you’ve figured it out by now – refer to Liebesbotschaft :)!

I am wearing one of my favorite skirts which I discovered in a vintage store in London 3 years ago.
The wedges with plexiglass heels originate from the house of  Maison Martin Margiela (for H&M), and are also bought second-hand in Berlin.
Brand new, however, is the bracelet in rosé gold with the little apple (which I unfortunately have to search for most of the time, because it is either in Noelle’s room or directly dangling off her wrist).
The ring reminds me a bit of the Mise en Dior collection, and it lends casual outfits exactly the right amount of sophistication.

T-shirt (HERE), rosé gold-bracelet (HERE): Nicole Mohrmann
skirt: second hand, similar ones at Mint&Berry or  BCBG
ring: Queermode Stuttgart


p.s. which people have been a lasting inspiration in your life?
Or still inspire you?

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio, thank you so much!

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