Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Feeling glamorous every day.

Glamour means:
Brilliance, particularly elegant or magnificent appearance.

I, however, have come to the conclusion that “glamour” is the modern term for the old-fashioned – very lovely, but no longer common – word “glory”.

And this term includes:
Magnificence, beauty, supremeness, dignity of a person, brilliance, gloria, paramount beauty, greatness, magnitude, radiance, preciousness, luxuriousness, magnificence, riches, abundance, charm, gracefulness, harmony.

Sounds like an ambassador of love?

That’s exactly what Love does to you:
It gives you brilliance and greatness, allows you to recognize your own value and makes you shine from the inside out!

Everything Love is and does is expressed through excellence and dignity – your being is brimming with beauty and abundance to the core , literally bursting at the seams!
And the more you see yourself like that and connect to it in your heart – the more it will also show in your outward appearance, promised.
And do you know what happens then?
It won’t be just yourself floating through every one of your days – the people surrounding you will see you this way, too.
You will receive special treatment everywhere, the VIP status is invisibly engraved on your forehead, so to say, the read carpet will be rolled out for you wherever you happen to be.
Suddenly everything is laid out for you, doors will open, you’ll win everyone’s heart, everybody will treat you courteously and with respect - even if they don’t know you at all!

You don’t believe me?
Just trust me, I experience it daily.

"Oh, great, Joanna... YOU again."

So either we walk down this path together, you connect your heart to mine and believe me unconditionally (and honestly: I’d advise you to do so! It’ll change your life for the better in a big way!), OR….or….um…you look at the photographs and admire me from afar.
That’s pretty…well…nice, too.

For the first group:
Forever toss the cheap chic of certain celebrities and any Hollywood stereotypes.

Love sets a new standard: far from arrogance and elitist demarcation lines, onward towards complete beauty, excellence and dignified demeanor.
True glamour.

And consequently so are you.

Today I’m celebrating glamour with a luxurious cup of aromatic tea, fragrant peonies, small flea market finds and a newly acquired scented candle!

The perfect fit:
The hand-made cups with gilded handles by Kühn Keramik are the perfect size for my morning tea: a little bigger than the conventional size, yet no giant XXL container.
Lovely to hold it is pure luxury for every day!

In the afternoon I use the cup to enjoy the wonderfully fresh taste of Nicolas Vage’s green tea with delicate coconut and passion fruit aromas.

The small silver vintage cups look great alongside the large apothecary glass jars that I discovered at the flea market already a few weeks ago and that I prefer to fill with peonies at the moment. Look out for silver cups at your next flea market visit, you’ll find similar ones relatively often.

A pretty way of displaying short-stemmed flowers on your desk or nightstand.

A small tip for all who love peonies:
the DayBirger candles have a very similar scent and enhance the flowers’ delicate aroma!
Don’t even think of sniffing it directly, but place it somewhere in the room: after a short while the room will be filled with its fresh scent.

DayBirger also has lovely pillows: the grey one beautifully harmonizes with nearly all basic colors.

I’m wearing very comfortable and soft skinny jeans: due to their stretch content they snugly fit your body and are wonderful for everyday!

Sources of supply:
Day Birger – scented candle, Day Birger-pillow case: HERE
Nicolas Vahe-tea: HERE
Jeans + shirt: HERE
Cups Kühn Keramik: HERE
Everything via Villa Smilla

Nail polish: GreenGlam
Heart-shaped tea strainer: geliebtes Zuhause


This post was translated by Ginell Studio.

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