Freitag, 11. April 2014

Your favorite flower.

Tell me, do you have a favorite flower?
One that you makes you beam with delight every time and everywhere you receive it as a gift; one, that you would exclusively buy yourself, because its beauty fascinates you so?

I really had to ponder on this one and I can only think of one answer:
I don’t have a favorite!
Never in my life could I decide between the fragile white blossoms of a crysanthemum and enchantingly scented colorful roses, elegant calla lilies and voluptuous hydrangeas - I prefer choosing my flowers depending on the season and the mood of the day!

Some of my favorites are, for example, flowers in white and green hues: especially hydrangeas and snowballs.
This color combination seems very fresh and young to me.
Aren’t the parrot tulips breathtaking?

I have a hard time resisting roses with big blossoming tops: if they come in a colorful mixture and with an intensively sweet aroma to boot, I can barely get enough of them!

Just too beautiful at this time of year are these:
colorful filled tulips that, in a bouquet, create an impression of fireworks.
My friend gave me this bunch yesterday ;)

Would you spontaneously know your friend’s favorite type of flower? We are usually aware of her favorite candy, tea and preferred type of man – but flowers?

Speaking of which, the Blumenbüro Holland is running a wonderful promotion right now: you can pick your girlfriend’s favorite flower here TollwasBlumenmachen  - with the chance to win a bunch of those exact flowers for her! Give it a try it and see whether you made the right assumption.

This page explains everything again in more detail and additionally you can watch a pretty little video.
Maybe you can surprise your friend with a gift soon? 

By the way, Blumenbüro Holland is a non-profit organization which supports florists – for more color, freshness and fragrance in the home ;)!

With love,


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