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How to get in style with a feminine body!

Today we give you the second part by the talented and gorgeous stylist and make-up artist Jeanette for Liebesbotschaft!

You can find the first part


I was really busy in my job recently, therefore my post comes with a bit of a delay.
But let’s get on with it and, of course, we shall start again with:
"… you concentrate on how beatutiful you are….OMMM;), how fascinating, lovable, mysterious and unique… OMMM;)).

Once again:
it’s not about dress sizes, thick or thin, old or young, but about the attitude towards yourself and your life.
Do you love yourself?
Do you think you are beautiful?

This morning, just like most other mornings, I went for a walk with my dog.  
The sun was shining brightly, a cool breeze was blowing and the lake was glimmering like a golden rug from “Arabian Nights”.
An imaginary little song on my lips: “I love life and life loves me.”  
Boundless happiness and gratitude was flowing through me.

Maybe this sounds a little like sentimental gibberish or the fairy tale of “the one that went to find herself”.
But that’s where the key is.
You may ask: “Which key – and where is it?”
Gratitude for your body is a key – exactly the way it happens to be right now.
It serves you well every single day, although you don’t always treat it favorably.
Maybe it is the things we say :”I am too fat, too thin or my breasts are too small or too big, my legs are too short, my butt is too flat and my hair, OMG.”
We could continue this list to infinity.  
But STOP!!!

Self-confidence! Self-awareness!
Here we go – and if there is something you don’t like, go ahead and change it.

What’s important:
You upgrade the clothes; the frock or the label does not upgrade you!
What else could be the explanation for many designers looking for celebrities to wear their outfits on the red carpet or their daily lives?
Result…tadaaaa…… suddenly everybody wants it, because something’s in the air, like:”If she wears this, maybe some of her glamour, her apparent happiness or success will rub off on me”.

Unfortunately it is still a prevailing fact that many people are influenced by whatever celebrity A, B or C wears.
Despite the fact that YOU should measure yourself by YOUR standards.  
Which clothes make you feel comfortable and suit you?
What’s a quality piece that enhances your personality, your charisma, your style and your essence?
What is a sustainably produced product?
This is where a basic rethinking should/has to take place. 
Do you wear the clothes because they are trendy or seemingly jazz up your social status, or just because you like them?
Borders between these two are often very blurry and hardly anyone is completely acquitted of this these days.

But ladies, why not simply make a start?
Open your mind.

The “good Lord” has given us all a body.  
One might have added something to it (e.g. pounds), another has taken something away from it (e.g. starved oneself), but the, let’s call it basic special physique exists independent of weight.

The world of fashion has created a veritable orchard regarding this subject:
with apples, oranges, bananas and pears.
Even the alphabet got involved: they talk about A, H, V, X, Y and O's. 
Whether fruit or alphabet, the body shapes are categorized according to their respective eponym.

They are innumerous essays about this on the net.
Here is a link by Navabi (a dream store for plus sizes!) which I think is fantastic and which explains all the important aspects.
I couldn’t have done it better or in more detail myself.
Get a little inspired, give things a go and try things out.

Pants: H&M
Shoes: Tod's

Today I am wearing another oversize top, bound with sequins at the cuffs and draping soflty like silk – it can be worn either on a daily basis or for a special occasion: a dream come true!

We took the photopraghs at the Galeria Lunar.
The artist’s name is Christian Manss, he is from Dresden.

I have two additional suggestions for pretty everyday outfits during the change of the seasons – all pants and tops are available in plus sizes.

Hallhuber carries nice jewelry and pretty purses this season!

1. Mango*
2. Navabi*
3. Hallhuber*
4. Hallhuber*
5. Zalando*
6. Hallhuber*

1. Navabi*
2. Navabi*
3. Hallhuber *
4. Hallhuber*
5. Mango*

Love ya!


DeinLieblingsladen ‘s lady owners would like to support plus-size girls in the future and are currently on the lookout for pieces with great cuts and colors that are also available in bigger sizes – stay tuned!

Thanks, dear Nicole, for the wonderful

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