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Easter by the seaside + 5 tips for visiting Berlin

Despite running the risk that the pictures will look a little familiar (Easter by the seaside? Um…didn’t we do that last year? And the year before? And the baby? Didn’t we have that just last week?) – I never promised anybody a content bursting with originality!

Apart from that I managed a
total write-off last Easter – not so easy to ace, right?

This year is downright gapingly bor…oops…relaxing in comparison – nevertheless wonderful!

And who can resist an 18-month-old’s charm?
My sister had a cute monster sewn for him – just like I did when Ben and Noelle were little: a big cuddly animal/cushion in maritime colors matching the interior decoration of the summer cottage; the back is made of denim.
You can assemble such a cuddly monster in individual color ways at Monsterglück – there are different sizes and a myriad of possible combinations.

In spite of this there is nothing that fascinates Samuel more than my smartphone – as beautiful as every age-appropriate toy may be!

The days spent in Berlin, however, were quite busy and I would definitely like to pass on some personal tips to you:

1. Not new, but not yet mentioned here:
Spreegold is a wonderful place to have breakfast and brunch – stylishly urban ambiance, everything absolutely fresh and at fantastic prices. The drinks menu is a dream come true and Noelle raves about the oatmeal, which has exactly the right consistency and is prepared with coconut milk.

You will find the restaurant at Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 2, not far from Hackescher Markt in Berlin Mitte.

2. "The world’s best museum" – is the title Ben awarded this week-end.
Makes sense, we are talking about the Computerspiele-Museum (Museum of computer games) after all.
My tip: drop children off, go and have a cup of coffee with your husband, pick children up 3 weeks 3 hours later.
Everyone happy.

The museum is at Karl-Marx-Allee 93a.

3. Do you remember that I thought it was utterly negligible which sports gear you wear during your workout?
Stella Mccartney’s collection for Adidas made me change my mind very suddenly.
I. want. everything. 

In the end all I got were shorts – yet all the same it is highly rewarding to visit AM+ in Berlin’s newly opened bikini mall.
The atmosphere reminded me a bit of a trade show’s, such as Bread&Butter, and the huge windows looking out onto the zoo were compensating for some still empty stores.

You can find all this in Berlin Charlottenburg, Budapester Straße 42-50.

4. … and once you are in the area you should definitely go and see a movie at Zoo Palast – the movie theater is just a few steps down the street.
Be certain to pay for a box and enjoy every service imaginable: first of all order a plate of small snacks and a Hugo cocktail (prosecco and elderberry syrup) – and literally put your feet up in your luxury seats!
The service is available for a mere 2,50€ extra.)

All this at Hardenbergerstr. 29 a

5. The exhibition "Before they pass away" with Jimmy Nelson’s impressive photographs shows the cultural diversity and beauty of various tribes from around the globe.
Absolutely worth seeing!

The exhibition is on show until June 21 in the CWC gallery , Auguststraße 11–13.

Cuddly monster: Monsterglück*
Star cushion: MyCircus*

With love,



Speaking of total write-offs:
on the outward journey I accidentally sat on the bag containing chocolate Easter bunnies, with the result that they were not…well…three-dimensional anymore.
Yet I didn’t buy new ones, but put them in the kids’ Easter baskets anyway – which prompted Noelle to emphatically declare this the “dumbest Easter ever!”.

She ate her rabbit all the same.

With an accusatory look, of course.

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