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Jil’s Wishlist for Easter (and its relevance to your life)

When I asked what the eldest child wished for Easter, I received a little wishlist containing household articles.

Fact is that Jil moved out WITHOUT a complete kitchen equipment: her luggage did not contain a 12-piece stainless steel casserole set, just imagine.
Not even a garlic press.

Theoretically she could have picked anything from my discarded things – there are dishes galore, in particular.

But she actually prefers to buy things gradually – and to bear the makeshift status quo.
Yes, even for weeks or months.
Because after that a garlic press can suddenly be the best thing ever!
The difference is that it is exactly the garlic press you chose yourself – and not Mama’s old stuff she doesn’t need anymore.

Therefore listen to my advice of the day:
If you want to start something new – be it moving into a new appartement, starting a project, go travelling or writing a blog, don’t wait until everything is complete and the circumstances perfect.
Just begin!

Then everything around you will grow in a healthy way and you will find the greatest joy in every little new addition – be it a new layout or a garlic press.

I am genuinely happy for anybody who has the necessary means (financial or otherwise) to start big/professionally right away.
But honestly: how often does that happen?

The rest of mankind often secrectly wishes for a sponsor who hands them 10.000 Euro, because then “I could finally do what I always wanted to do, live how I always wanted to live!”.

Wake up!
That sponsor is not going to show up.
At least not the way you imagine it.
Just forget it.

But maybe I will win the lottery! And God might send somebody who has the money!”

Yeah, sure.
God can also make it rain pink lollipops, no problem.

One thing for life:
In most cases (I would even say: in all of them!) a seed will be given to you, not the harvest.
Such a seed usually does not look spectacular at all.

Most seeds are small, gray and tiny, have you noticed that?
A seed is so inconspicuous, that most people do not even notice it: a talent, a passion, an idea, an ability, a viewpoint that others do not have.

And guess who is responsible for the seed from now on?

So do not carry it in your pocket.
Don’t hold it between your fingers and daydream about “everything that could be, if I only had more money…”.
Place the seed in the soil and water it, look after it and care for it, don’t get upset, if others ridicule you (because: “you can’t even see anything.”) and look forward to harvest time.
And water it.
And care for it.
And be happy, if it grows.

And don’t dig everything up after three days, because nothing’s happening.
Oh yes, a lot is happening–give your seed the time it needs.
Because this is exactly the time that YOU need: in the meantime you receive training and refinement of your personality, and you learn things that are very important for the steps to come.

One advice I gave to bloggers during the workshop on Saturday was:
Enjoy the time when you are just starting your blogs.
Enjoy it, if you get few or nearly no comments – this is the time when you learn to be independent of other’s opinions.
And this is the best way to write a really good, inspiring blog –to be immune against criticism and praise.
I love healthy growth.
I love it when you start with very little and everything grows bit by bit.
It is like an epic adventure that sometimes really challenges you, but at the same time propels your personality forward in a big way.

And your personality is ALWAYS the key to success, no matter in which area.

So don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity, but very consciously enjoy the makeshift state in which you are right now and be happy for every little change.

Don’t despise your seed, because it might look inconspicuous and “doesn’t look like much”.
Don’t deprive yourself while waiting for something spectacular to happen to be able to start–everything you need right now is here right now.
That which isn’t here you don’t need yet.

And you will see how your seed grows bit by bit, blossoms and carries fruit.
And A LOT OF fruit.
You will be so delighted about every little leaf!

About every new order, about every new reader, about every little change!
About every new garlic press or mixing bowl!
I have no idea how I ended up writing about inspiration while writing a post about dishes.
Honestly I don’t.
Once it flows…

Easter Wishlist:
  1. IB Laursen casserole dish
  2. Mixing bowl
  3. Tafelgut teas
  4. Dish towels
  5. Small bowls from Bloomingville

Casserole dish, mixing bowl, dish towel: IBLaursen
Tea: Tafelgut
Everything by Bertine*
* advertisement

With love from Berlin and from the Baltic Sea!

If you want to read more about this: THIS WAY.

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