Freitag, 4. April 2014

2 everyday favourites

It’s been a long time:
My eldest daughter was a teenie of tender 14 years, my blog had 5 visitors daily (2 of them my own parents), and in a post I made fun of a hair straightening tool.
And what did I find lying under the Christmas tree two weeks later ?

Our GHD has been on daily duty for nearly 6 years (!) and welcomes me in the morning with its happy bleep, when it has heated up and is ready for use after just a few seconds.
It is the secret to my straight AND curly hair – the girls, too, style their locks with it.
In those 6 years our GHD got dropped about an estimated 1 million times, I forgot to switch it off countless times - it still works flawlessly.

Jil got mine when she moved out, while we acquired a brand new one for us here:
The latest Eclipse model works with optimal heat that goes easy on the hair and styles to perfection.

So here I am today with GHD-straightened hair and the most beautiful basic of all times:
A relaxed white shirt with sequined pockets:
The front made of a classy silk mix, the back a comfortable viscose.
Love love love it!

Little tip:
I look out for narrow vintage neckties on flea markets; I either wear them untied as scarf/necklace, loosely tied like Noelle, or in a bow right under the neckline. Together with my metallic wedges this is a pretty and relaxed outfit.

Once you owned a GHD once, you will never use another flat iron – I already sang its praises here .

Good news:

Villa Smilla has a great offer for all Liebesbotschaft readers:
my GHD-Model for 199,-€ instead of 245,-€.

This price is valid until April 15, 2014 – please see details in the Product specifications.

GHD flat iron: Villa Smilla*
White shirt with sequined pockets: Villa Smilla*
Necktie: flea market

By the way, I shape my curls using exactly this method, which takes me less than 10 minutes in the morning.
For the bun I also curl my hair (without combing my hair like in the video) – which creates nice volume, as my hair is generally rather fine.

 Noelle creates these waves also with the flat iron – I think she really manages to achieve a perfectly natural look ;).

With love,

p.s. unfortunately I won’t be able to show off my wedges this week-end: 
after filling the tank  of my car with nearly 100 liters of regular gas I realized that I drive a Diesel.
After this I had to walk home quite a ways from the gas station – with my shoes chafing my heel resulting in a small bloody patch.

And THAT has to be 10 times worse that what happened to the car, right? 

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