Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Hello May!

In April...

- I was at the Baltic Sea and several times in Berlin, and I brought 5
 important revelations and 5 "where to go" tips back for you.

- you learned about
10 facts about my little nephew.

- there was a "somebunny loves you"
 dessert table for Easter and glamorous glitter Easter eggs

- Jeanette wrote another
fashion post,

- There were also a good few things to eat:

- Jil’s super healthy chocolate cake
Strawberry tartlets with a meringue top
Granola muffins
Yogurt waffles
Quinoa granola,  

- and appropriately:
Entirely without pressure, stress and guilty conscience.
(Never thought we’d live to see the day when I write about exercise.)

- I encouraged you with regard to taking
the first small steps to tap your full potential, and I took every excuse away from you. Literally EVERY one of them. You are welcome, thank you, it was a pleasure.

Oh, and I was gone on vacation for two weeks ;).

And here it is already: the month of May!

What a gift it is for me to be able to share it with you – every time anew I feel grateful and overwhelmed by this opportunity!

This is truly the only reason I write these retrospect posts. To make myself aware that I am the luckiest devil in the world, tadaa.
Excuse me, but how wonderful is my life?
I have permission to share my everyday life with you, to pass on my ideas, to test delicious recipes and even to write nonsense, just whatever I feel like – and you enjoy it all and are excited and, oh my…..THANK YOU!

During the month of May we will do exactly THAT.

We will enjoy and celebrate and be happy and become more laid-back, more relaxed, more hopeful, more self-assured, more liberated and more grateful with every passing day.
In a nutshell:
Love and strawberries galore.

That sounds like a REALLY great May.

So stay tuned, dear readers.
I am looking forward to it!



p.s. while I am writing this my computer makes sounds.

Loud sounds.
Sounds reminiscent of a motor-bike starting up.
Sounds of a kind that you don’t ever want to hear from a laptop.

On a holiday, of course.

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